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Results from Pneumonia.

Hi .my name is Sharon & I am 77 yrs old. I had pneumonia in Oct.2017. Had a horrible cough before I was diagnosed & ever since with a lot of wheezing that wont go away. I use a nebulizer 3 times a day , symbicort inhaler every twlve hours. Is it possible to have lung scaring from the pneumonia & would that cause he wheezing. I am also very short of breath now upon any movement or just taking a drink of water gets me out of breath. Thanks for any help.

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Yes it is possible I'm afraid, Pneumonia is a terrible illness. It doesn't always occur though. Firstly I would ask your GP if you can have the pneumonia vaccine so you don't com down with it again. Also remember to get your flu jab every October!

I would request to have an investigation done to check on your lungs now and the best way is for a consultant to order a CT scan that will then clearly show a picture of the lungs. Also a lung function test to see how they are reacting. The tests will then give accurate results so they know how to treat you best. GPs have little experience with lung conditions and just guessing what is causing the problems is not the answer as the wrong treatment can ultimately make things worse. You need a thorough look into it so they can really help you.

I would do that and be very firm that's what you want asap. In the meantime eating fresh fruit, lots of veg and drinking plenty of water will help.


I had never had pneumonia until i was inoculated for it i have had it twice now ?x


Dear Sharon

Sorry you had such a difficult time.

The British Lung Foundation has published about Pneumonia Recovery


You will find the information in the link above.

Do phone the BLF helpline if you are worried and/or go back to your GP. You shouldn’t stay that breathless, there must be a way. I don’t know about scaring we are not doctors, difficult to make an assessment but please look after yourself xx


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Yes you could have that .you need to tell your doctor and see if he will get a X-ray done to check on the lungs ..also if you are having problems with breathing perhaps you need some steroids To help with the breathing and perhaps a different inhaler You could still be weak from the pneumonia So really best to get it all checked

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I saw a lung specialst on 5/5/18. He sent me on Tuesday for another chest xray & a breathing test. I get a flu shot every October & hve already had the pneumonia shot. Was on Prednisone from 10/12/17 thru March of 2018. Then I quit taking them because I was still wheezing & breathing is very difficult. Just can not get enough air. I have never had not even one cigarette & absolutely no weed. Dont even know what that looks like. I get out of beath just gaking sip of water. I have severe osteo arthritis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis & multiple joint replacements. I am Confined to home because I can barely walk with the help of my rollator because my back is so bad the pain is horrible. I really do not need another health problem but seems like I am so bad I cant do anything at all. I get out of breath just taking a sip of water. The wheezing & bein so short of air is ruining my every day life completely.


I wish i could help you ,so sorry to read your problems,your certainly having a bad time ,i wish you all the best and hopfully you will be feeling better soon.x


Sadly this is how COPD gets im finding my good days are getting less and it doesnt give me a break i also have other health problems and find the breathing is a lot worse when the pain is bad lets hope a cure comes quick and we can once again dance the night away ,I hope you feel better soon xx


I was born Asthmatic (Mum and her Mum both had it). I am just 6 months younger than the NHS and they told Mum, 'not a problem' we have loads of wonder drugs'. By the time I was 6 I had acquired Bronchiectasis which I understand combined with Asthma means that I have had what is know as COPD since then. When I was not taking penicillin for my 'chest' then it was for my ear which would be very painful until the eardrum burst and discharged puss. By the time I was 21 I had had pleurisy 9 time and neumonia lots. The ear problem meant I struggled to hear so again by 21 I needed hearing aids.

I did not know about the COPD, just that my lungs were rubbish and I told Mum I had no desire to pass my "rubbish lungs" on to another generation. I did have an aggressive desire for a specific job. Unfortunately my health resulted in two companies refusing me promotion 'because of your health'. In the end I went freelance, earned enough to pay for my own training and succeeded in achieving what I had wanted to achieve.

I carry ventolin and use Symbicort twice a day plus Spiriva in the morning. The ventolin inhaler has no indication of when it is empty which can be frightening if it does not seem to be working, At least the Symbicort does show when it is empty and the Spiriva is a set of individual tablets so it is obvious when then need replacing. Some years ago I did an Expert Patient (EP) course which resulted in me using a Peak Flow meter every morning and noting the results together with oxygen. In addition to the inhalers I use Carbocysteine three time a day (my friends all recognise my mobile 4 pm alarm reminder) and Montelukast at night. The Montelukast is interesting, if I don't take it my Peak Flow reading will be down the next morning. I do try not to fall asleep without taking it! Frankly I have taken this lot so long I have no idea why but I do know they make an improvement.

SInce the EP course I have had an 'emergency supply' of antibiotics and steroids in the house. If my Peak Flow reading drops to 200 or less Iand/or the phlegm I cough up (if I cough anything up) is sticky and discoloured then the drugs are started and a call is made on the GP services. At the time f the course it would be 48 hours and there would be a GP check. These days it is more like panic as appointments can be three weeks out.

I do know treatment has greatly improved. As a child exercise was banned, anything strenuous was considered risky so I was taught sewing, piano playing as well as reading and writing. Since 2011 I have been enrolled on the local BEATS program, a medically supervised exercise session and it does seem to be doing some good. For years I have been told that I can't expect to improve so each year my lung function tests (I call then my annual MOT) say I have just 49% lung function. Last year I achieved 53% shock!

I have actually needed three lots of antibiotics since Christmas so there is a gap in my exercise program this year, however in September I was really annoyed at my weight. Yes I've looked at diets and I can't be bothered so I decided 6pm was the point at which I stopped eating. Drinks are allowed and I don't actually like sugary drinks but I seem to be doing something right as I've thrown out bags full of size 22 and 20 clothes and I am now a 16 but it is possible I am still losing . Actually I know I am still carrying fat round my waist so I live in hope my 'starvation' regime continues to work!

Not sure if this has helped, sorry if not.


Thank you. I have never had even one cigarette my entire life but now my gp in telling me h you have COPD.. He had me on Prednisone from Oct thru March. It did not help the wheezing one bit it just made me blimp out. Now I am trying to get rid of all this excess weight too. Hard to do because I am also handicapped so only can sit all day long. Can barely walk with my rollator to the bathroom & back I have so mu h pain & the difficulty breathing makes it so much harder. I get so out of breath just taking a sip of water out of my water bottle I kerp right beside me. I have severe osteo Arthritis with multiple joint replacements. It is in my back real bad now. I have degenerative disc disease. A bulging disc in my neck & L 3-3 & 5 are very bad. Had total reverse shoulder replacements kn both shoulders but do not have much use of my arms because still have pain & very limited reach since the surgery. With all my medical problems I do not need this added to it. I had the Pneumonia shot but had Pneumonia in 2015 also. And I do get my flu shot every year as soon as dr gets the vaccine. People have been telling me I need those shots. Well I already had them. Went to see a lung specialist first Wed of this month. Then Tues I went for another chest xray & a breathing test but have not heard anything. Guess he is going to wait to tell me on my next appointment on he 30th of this month. I just want to breath like before & stop the darn wheezing. It is so loud I have to turn my tv up high in order to drown it out.


((((Hugs)))) Sharon.


I have already had the Pneumonia vac. & I get my flu shot every year never miss it. Got it in Oct. & thats the same time I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. I had it in Oct of 2015 too. Only had it once befor that & it was way back in 1970.


Hi Sharon,

How are you going now? Have you improved?


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