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Pulmonary fibrosis


Hi I am 76 and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis 15 years ago told I would make 3/5 years ! So don't give up my friends. Also have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, so all in all find it difficult some days, but I have a husband who is one in a million and looks after my every need. I take steroids, azathioprine, aspirin and statins. Have oxygen at home use when needed when moving around. Just got home after stay in hospital with pneumonia. Feel very weak but told could take six weeks to feel better! So here we go again !! Roll on summer. Keep smiling everyone.?xx

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Hi it's fantastic to know that you keep fighting, it shows just how far you can go if you keep fighting. I have no intentions of giving up, you have given me more inspiration to carry on fighting. Thank you. Love Bernadette 😳 xx

What a lovely, positive post! May you continue to confound their predictions for many years more. :)

Wow that is fantastic determination, which has really paid off 💕

Hello Nansyl, I admire your strength of mind I really do, you are an inspiration to us all. I've had pheumonia and the recovery time varies from person to person but I'm sure your husband will support you all the way bless him. I wish you well and take care care 🌹😉

Love your bright spirit! Xxx

What a positive post for other PF sufferer's.

I wish you well xx

Good for you nansyl . What a lovely upbeat message in spite of all your problems. Keep your lovely positive attitude because you're such a good example to many of us. Sheila xx

l'm 71 and have had IPF now for 12 years ,that's the right attitude we'll keep on going as long as we can , but its also due to our wonderful carers, joining a support group ,such as the Camborne one helps us and inspires others not to live life down wards.

I have got a lot of strength from reading your text. I have IPF, l am 64 and was diagnosed2years ago. I am finding it so difficult at times to keep positive. Very best wishes to you.

I have IPF and have been feeling very low and anxious, but after reading your statement it has given me a lift. Thank you and very best wishes.

Hello nansyl, I to have IPF I was diagnosed when my youngest son was six months old ( when I was 40) also told 3-5 years he's now 18!! been hard at times but I always try and stay positive. I am now at the stage where I need to have a lung transplant. Thank god for oxygen my new best friend 24/7 :). At the moment I'm still trying to working part time as a teaching assistant ( not always easy) I'm very lucky as my school are fab with me. So like you I would say to anyone with IPF to stay positive and look to the future. :) X

Thank you, nansyl. Your message is so uplifting and positive. Recently turned 75 yrs.. Just over a year ago, it was discovered that my oxygen level was dropping with movement. I was diagnosed 9 months ago with with ' minimal volume loss in base of both lungs..possible beginning of IPF.' My three grandchildren are 18 yrs., 16 yrs., and 14 yrs., and my dream is to see them all through University and on their way in life. Thank you so much for this 'gift of hope.'

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