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Need some advice please

I haven't post on here but once, but I read your posts often. I have been struggling with my breathing a lot since last fall. I have moderate copd by my pft. Mild apical emphysema on Ct scan. I have had asthma all my life. Smoked for years, trying to quit again, its a struggle! Last fall on my Ct scan also showed a mass in my thyroid, so large my trachea was deviated. So the beginning of November had to have half of it removed. Thought that was going to help, maybe it has? Started breo after that , which was helping but had to stop it due constant thrush. So back on symbicort. Got a severe cough in January, steroids and antibiotics, pneumonia I guess. Struggling ever since now back on steroids. Sorry for the long post. Just at a loss of what to do next , didn't know if supplements would help or collotal sliver? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Breo and Symbicort are almost the same things you can use an anti-thrush mouthwash if you wish I have only ever water and never had any probs, sorry to hear about your problems but a complete stop of smoking would help I smoked 60 cigarettes up till 10yrs ago and I know how really hard it is but I know if I didn't stop I wouldn't be typing this today, Good luck Hope 56


Thank you, for your advice. I have tried the mouth wash my Doctor told me about, didn't work well for me. I have appointment on Thursday with Doctor. I am going to check out the quit support. I know I have to stop completely. I'm just really overwhelmed. But I know I can do this. Thank you again. Have a nice day


Hi Hope, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. Please persevere with giving up smoking. I'm sure that would be a very positive improvement for you healthwise. There is a very good Quit Support forum on the HU platform which you may find helpful - have a look here: healthunlocked.com/quitsupport

With regard to colloidal silver - Please be aware that BLF have no knowledge of any research being done on this form of treatment in the UK. It isn't in any guidelines that they are aware of, nor would they ever recommend anyone tries a treatment like this when it hasn't been recommended by their consultant.

I expect other members will be along soon with advice and support. You are in the right place to get all the help you need.

Best wishes, Annie


Thanks Annie I will check out the quit support. I know your right , I will not try any treatment without my Doctors advice. I am just feeling overwhelmed right now. Thank you again!

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I am sorry to hear of your worries, Hope56, and I hope you will find the answers soon. This is the best forum for advice. Kind thoughts, Albert.


Thank you Albert


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