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Bronch advice please!

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Evening friends,

Well Ive had an amazing run with no need for ABs for the last four years. But I guess it couldnt last for ever. After some nasty laryngospasm and inflammation which wouldn't resolve, I started a course of pred on Saturday and seemed to be responding, but it's gone south today and Ive started the co-amoxiclav to be on the safe side and head off another hospitalisation. I'll speak to my oxygen nurse tomorrow. Oxygen sats are holding up so far but peak flow down a bit.

My query is that as I have bronchiectasis, secondary to copd, do I need to take the ABs for two weeks? Seem to remember reading this on the forum some time ago. Ive been quite cavalier about having bronch as so far I don't seem to have had any of the nasty bugs that those of you who have it describe. But maybe this could be the time? Anyway I dont want to take chances so any advice welcome.

Hope everyone is as well as possible. Stay well, stay warm xxx

14 Replies
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Hello, yes a 2 week course is advised for bronchiectasis. I am colonised with pseudomonas so no oral abs available for me; think it wise to take a sample in for analysis then you could have ciprofloxacin if necessary. Hope this helps and get well soo.n

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When i feel that an infection may be brewing I stop Azithromycin which i take tree times a week. Move over to Doxycycline which is two first day the one a day for the two weeks. If I need steroids I have to do 5x8 5x6 5x4 5x2 and then 5x1 I am told this is because of Bronch. I have on occasions also had intravenous antibiotics. I also have COPD as well together with pseudomonas

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Yes, definitely two weeks! I’m glad you’ve started the co-amoxiclav. Four years has been a lucky break but as you say, it couldn’t last and the main thing is to avoid hospital if you possibly can - they’re even more stuffed than usual with very sick people. It’s weird how bronch people get these nasty bugs more commonly than copd-ers. No idea why 🤔 But as you DO have bronch, you should if possible get a sputum sample in. Is there anyone who could sort that for you tomorrow because it’d be suicide for you to go out in this weather

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Yes do take 2wks.hope U recover quickly x

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You’ve had excellent replies Jean so I just want to wish you well. Feel better soon dear friend.

Love and hugs, Carole xxx🤗❤️

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I hope you soon start to feel better. You've done well to keep the bugs at bay for4 years. xxx

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Hi exactly the same situation as you, no chest infection for a couple of years then bam on and off for the last couple of months 2 x 5 day courses of amoxicillin and 1 prednisolone now on day 9 of co amoxiclav, I have an appointment with respiratory tomorrow consultant and physio nurse,she sent me an email with the new guidance on 14 days is the required minimum dose of antibiotics for bronchiectasis. As for coughing spasms and mucus production she advised 2/3 times a day until cleared using a device. Hope this helps you.get well soon

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Can't advise Jean, thankfully others have. Just wanted to send love and hope that you soon feel better. Carole xx

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Hi O2Trees, i have been told by my consultant at the hospital that you need to take co-amoxiclave for two weeks. So it has time to kill of the infection. Its my rescue pack to. Good luck take care and stay safe.

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Yes agreed its two weeks. I do wish my gp would (a) give me an emergency pack and (b) give me co amoxiclave. The last time i needed them it took nearly a week to get the thing sorted . I have only been on amoxiclav once from the hospital and it seemed to work better than doxy but my gp says they are too strong. I hope you manage to shake this off quickly and get better for christmas x

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I took my recent antibiotics for 2 weeks and I didn’t feel well until day 10. I have bronchiectasis and asthma and haven’t had excerbations for a few years until last month. Good luck and hope you’re well soon xx

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Thanks everyone :) Forgive me for not replying individually as Im feeling a bit weak.

My nurse is arranging sputum pots to be picked up by Rita. She wasnt sure about the two weeks ABs but I'll see how I go and what if anything the sputum analysis reveals. I have another pack here anyway so can take them if necessary - anyway she is on call so if Im not properly better in a week she would support taking a further week. I havent seen my consultant for years as in between I was under the Brompton but they discharged me as I was "too well"! I remember he was quite good on bronch and Ive been re-referred so hopefully i will get to see him soon.

Cold day friends - please keep warm xxx

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I'd definitely do two weeks of antibiotics J. You could have a look at the NICE guidelines and show them to your nurse.

Two weeks would help to eradicate whatever bacteria is growing & hopefully prevent any real natnasties from taking over. Good luck ×××× P

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Hi Jean, The guidelines state 2 weeks of abs for bronchiectasis. Good luck. Hodpe you feel better soon and I am glad you are being re-referred to the Brompton.


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