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12 Mile Walk Tomorrow - Should I?

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Hi All,

I have a 12 mile walk tomorrow in the bedfordshire countryside. Seeing as its really cold in the UK at at moment should I risk it? Or should I just go and wrap up warm.

I currently have empthsyma with a FEV1 of 60%, SATS are good between 97 - 99%


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Some of the countryside roads are still very bad, I certainly wouldn't risk it - wait until it gets a bit warmer! Lilian xxxx


If it’s not necessary, give it a miss. Warmer weather next week.

If you have to go, good scarf around face to warm air before breathing in. Sensible footwear. Fully charged phone.

It’s up to you but i would have thought it rather too cold to be out too long in your condition. Please take care if you go. Put something round your mouth and nose. Plenty of hot drinks too. All the best.🙂

What could happen to me if I do risk it? I am still new to this condition as only found out I had it in October. Havent had chest infections or anything like that yet.

Believe me you would know , your body would tell you if you were pushing yourself too far.

Personally I would never venture out in this cold weather.

Hope all turned out ok

I wouldn’t in your shoes. Very cold air inflames the airways & that in turn makes you more prone to infection. It takes a great deal to keep me indoors but that’s where I’m staying til it warms up a bit.

Thanks for responses guys. But I think I am going to go, I look forward to these walks so much and there is no more future ones planned (friends plan them).

I can be stubborn at times, and determined not to let this disease beat me. I will go and wrap up warm, and put a scarf over face and nose.

Plus looks like the temperature is going to creep up to 7 degrees celsius tomorrow too. Will let you know how I get on :-\

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Hanne62 in reply to ggeorgiou

Love your PMA. Plus, 7C will seem positively tropical compared with this last week. Enjoy yourself :)

Hi ggeorgiou

I can see that you have done that walk before

how long do 12 miles take you and is that non stop walking



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ggeorgiou in reply to music

Hi, yes, this will be my 3rd 12 mile walk in the last month and a half. It is non-stop walking, we start at around 9.30am and finish around 1.30/2pm - So around 4 and a half hours.

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music in reply to ggeorgiou

Thanks i only ask because i sometimes do 4 miles and it takes me 1 hour and 20 mins.

Think i could do 5 miles but then my legs start acking

i could not do it in the cold weather has start to wheeze and get breathless have tryed before a few times just to see if i could but its a no no and think i am late mild stage with copd

its really good you can do 12 miles but dont over do it.

you should wait until snow goes

good luck


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ggeorgiou in reply to music

That's good music. I don't really feel breatheless at the moment though. I'm still relatively young at 35 years old and have always been kind of fit (playing football weekly etc).

The last 2 walks I finished no problems and was not out of breath when we finished.

I will go tomorrow, I could always get an Uber if I'm struggling mid way through walk. Haha.

Will post update on Sunday evening with how I got on.

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music in reply to ggeorgiou

You seem to be doing well ggeorgiou just be carefull breathing in the cold air has dont think the walking will affect your breathing has you sound fit but with moderate copd it could be the cold air that might get you.

take a ventoline has and when emergency inhaler with you just to be on the safe side


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ggeorgiou in reply to music

I don't have a ventoline?

All I have been given by consultant is a Braltus inhaler which I take once daily. Seeing him again on 5th April. But that's all I take for now.

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music in reply to ggeorgiou

You should be ok has you have done it before and young and fit.

Its just that cold air that can get you with not so good lungs but if you do get breathles just stop and rest a while

I am suprised your gp did not give you a reliever has and when inhaller if ever you did get into trouble while exerciseing

mind you i dont ever bother or forget taking mine out with me but i should


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garibaldon in reply to ggeorgiou

Good excercise, do it. Hardly speed walking is it. . If your walking with a group you should be fine. Enjoy the walk and good luck

George just because you now have an official label for your condition there is no reason to stop doing the 'walks' that you have done in the past or indeed anything you used to do before acquiring the label,age is on your side so enjoy your walk with your friends............Skis and Scruffs

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ggeorgiou in reply to skischool

Cheers Skis and Scruffs. That's so true, I think the moment we start putting things of just because we have a lung condition we are giving up. Always been stubborn and will go on this walk like normal tomorrow and hopefully get through it.

I have also been always fit ,I never thought in a million years I would get COPD, but I did,so please don't press your self ,I would certainly think twice about going on this walk ,but if you go wrap up well ,all the best for tomorrow,🐞

Hello ggeorgiou, I have to agree with others I'm afraid and hope you will do the sensible thing and go on this walk as tempting as it may be. The weather is still quite bad at the moment. But if you decide to go then please take good care of yourself. George, think twice please 🤞

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Stumpy55 in reply to Stumpy55

I meant to say and do the sensible thing and not! Go on this walk 😊

Having read that you're going to give it a go I'll wish you luck. Wear layers so you can peel off if you need to, take energy snacks, don't catch anyone else's bugs & if you feel sore airways then call for that uber! It's always wise, whatever level you are, not to push yourself over your own limits take care.

It's your choice if you feel maybe you have had enough you can turn back and rest or head home . Wrap up with several fine layers and enjoy x

ggeorgiou....my comment vanished...when my pad went out!!

Stay warm...enjoy!!


Good luck, have fun and I hope all goes well.

Nah!!! Too much with our state of health

Have a great walk today, GG.

Arrived at the start. Wish me luck :D

Good luck! 🍀 I’m green with envy, would love a nice long trek

If I was lucky enough to have stats like that I would be entering to run a marathon.

Good luck ☺

Take care and good luck 🍀

Walk all done! 11.6 miles in the end. Started at 9.30am and finished at 13.30am, so 4 hours walking. Didn't have any issues and breathing was fine. Didn't need to stop for what ever reason.

Was a mild 7 degrees in the end, and even managed to miss the rain.

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Hanne62 in reply to ggeorgiou

That’s great, well done you, keep that up, do all you can to avoid infections & you could live to 100!

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ggeorgiou in reply to Hanne62

100... I wish lol.

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Hanne62 in reply to ggeorgiou

Well I’ve had rubbish lungs most of my life but I’ve looked after myself & made it to 65, & plan to be around a long time yet. You’ve so many modern treatments now, to keep you stable. With a bit of care I’d say you’re all set for a long & healthy life 😊

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skischool in reply to ggeorgiou

Dare one say "i told you so" throw away that label George and live life to the full,you are to young to languish in the dodgy lung club but also clever enough to know your possible limitations,well done............Skis and scruffy

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ggeorgiou in reply to skischool

Thanks Skis and Scruffy!

It's strange, I actually feel slightly more breatheless when I actually don't do any activity.

Got another 12 mile walk planned in a few weeks.

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skischool in reply to ggeorgiou

perhaps you have a degree of anxiety about your condition george and inactivity will feed that anxiety so continue with life and activity and you should be fine.good luck go enjoy your long future,,,,,,,Skis and scruff

Well done🏆👏

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