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Hill walking and COPD.

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I often go hill walking. I'm very slow, I get breathless as I walk up hill and have to stop frequently. My heart pounds but I can start going up again after a few minutes rest. I've read about the dangers of over exertion when you have COPD. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with mild COPD. Will struggling to climb a mountain do me more harm than good?

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If you think you can manage it then do it, but please take your time, take plenty of rest stops andake sure you take plenty to drink kk with you. Don't overdo it just do what you feel comfortable with and make sure you have someone with you. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

I hope not! I tried walking to the highest point in the 10 (England) National Parks! (Managed 8 of tgem so far)

Have COPD (43% at last test), arthritis (they don't want to replace the knee because of the COPD!), OSA, psoriasis etc but other than that as fit as a fiddle!

I was taught at the PR courses to exercise so I do - don't remember anything about too much exercise.

Personally, I'd suggest carrying on and enjoying it.

Good luck and well done.

Walking is good, even up hills ( only if you feel ok to do it), it gets our hearts working harder and strengthens our lungs, but must take care not to overdo it. And not too much at one time. Keeping hydrated is very important, and using inhaler before any walking,( i do ). Happy walking.🙂

Even before my diagnosis, I used to climb up steep fells with rests every 40 steps. I used to count the breathing in and breathing out: first four steps in, four steps out, then two steps in two steps out, then rest. It's amazing how quickly one can climb a really steep slope concentrating on breathing and steps.

hi good day i am glad you can walk up hill i now having trouble on the flat i am using a walking stick to help me i go on my ebuliser witch is in next room walking back in living room i am still wissing drs say nothing can be done

I admire you for doing this, but do take care and do at your own pace.

Hi Cornerhouse, I have bronchiectasis and get really breathless just walking on the flat ground. I often give in to it and get the bus home but if I do push through it and keep walking I feel better for it. Your story and others like it on this site make me realise I must try harder. ( I used to walk for miles). But do take good care of yourself and maybe check with your specialist xxxx

I was like you , than after years I started struggling with breath...my GP (as usual) downplayed the problem , until after a routine ECG the doctor(bless him) referred me for a MRI coronaries scan :result? three coronaries partially clogged of which the main (so called widow maker) clogged at 75%, followed stent insertion after two months.Do not forget that the orders "from above" is to SAVE MONEY ,;so unless your problem is very serious do not expect more than a temporary and useless palliative .

Therefore shop around and have a MRI coronaries scan privately , is non going to cost you a fortune but it will avoid serious problems in the future and will probably explain your SOB.

Best luck


Doing a pulmonary rehab course taught me that we can usually do more than we think we can - but at your own pace with rests if that is what you need. That’s how I approach inclines or hills - or the flat on a bad day.

I find that the more I do, the more I can do. But not on a bad day! I think it’s important to know our own limitations, and seek medical advice if things aren’t going so well.

Do it while you can as over the years May prove impossible, Happy climbing.

Hello Cornerhouse. Is there any reason you specifically choose to climb hills? Walking in general is excellent I would urge you to continue walking. The more you walk the more efficiently your muscles use oxygen. Your lungs although poorly will work better with exercise. The more you walk the stronger you will be. Don't be afraid of being breathless or slow that's okay. But of course we don't know the state of your heart. I would urge you to talk to your doctor about exertion and your heart just to make sure it's all okay. But continue walking , but does it have to be up hills? 🤔 xx

Good luck. Perhaps you should consult your doctor, but it sounds as if you are listening to your body, which will hopefully tell you if you are doing too much. I'm rather envious.

i have interstitial lung dissease & the slightest actiities -just going upstairs makes me exceptionally tired .I dont risk walking anywhere outside because ive been hospitalised 4 times for dangerously low oxygen levels which will always happen

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