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BBQS should be banned

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Hi everyone, don't mean to sound grumpy but iv had the weekend from hell! Non stop bbqs since Friday from surrounding neighbours.I not been able to do my washing and most importantly My chest feels so tight and heavy 😔 it doesn't seem fair that you do your best to take care of your lungs as much as you can and then have to put up with bbqs that do nothing for your health..Just so that someone can have a burger..I personally think they should be banned and bonfires.

29 Replies
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I do feel for you. As you say, I don’t want to be a killjoy but smoke from BBQs, or anything else come to that, is an asthma trigger for me, so the good weather can be a bit of a nightmare in that regard. Fortunately for me, the worst offender among my immediate neighbours died a few months ago. Whilst I was sorry to hear it, I’m afraid there was a part of me that was rather glad because every time there was a glimmer of sun he’d be out with the wretched BBQ 🙄 I shouldn’t really make light of someone’s passing but he was cremated which seemed rather fitting in the circumstances 😀

When I was young no one had even heard of a BBQ🙄

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Alberta56 in reply to Threecats


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helen1946 in reply to Threecats

I don't think that about your neighbours death was a nice thing to say. I am sure it just came out wrong. Maybe rethink the comment.

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Threecats in reply to helen1946

Hi Helen1946

I do apologise if my comment has caused you upset, that certainly wasn’t intended. I’m afraid that the BBQ issue was a rather minor tip of a very large iceberg insofar as this gentleman was concerned but obviously that isn’t for discussion here. In the circumstances I am content for my comment to remain unamended.

Thank you for your understanding. TC

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helen1946 in reply to Threecats

Of course as you say I don't know about your life and I did not mean to cause you offence.may you god keep you well and safe.

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Threecats in reply to helen1946

Thank you Helen. Please be assured you haven’t caused me any offence. All the best to you, TC

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ccccc in reply to Threecats

there's something to be said for bad neighbours dying...!

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Yes me along with wood burning fires. Some days I cant open my door or windows. But I did used to have BBQs when I was younger before COPD and Bronchiectasis and I admit to wanting a wood burner in the house when they first became popular. I dont know the answer to it. I moan and groan about other peoples but if honest I'm would have both if I could but bonfires should be banned in /on housing estates. Take care Mags

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Banning them would be against their human rites. The only mealtime when Dad can exhort his authority in charge of the BBQ. 🙄

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Thepainterswife in reply to Donald_1931

Its a strange phenomenon but I’ve noticed men grow taller and their chests expand when stood infront of a BBQ holding a long handled implement 💪 😂 x

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Donald_1931 in reply to Thepainterswife

It's been a while now.🙁

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Thepainterswife in reply to Donald_1931

Time you brushed up on your skills then ,invite the neighbours round - 1 sausage each ( times are hard ) bring your own can and party like it’s the 60’s 😂 OR do as I’m doing and quietly and slowly clean out the shed whilst the dogs ( or in your case Puss) snoozes in your best most comfy garden chair 🙄😂 xx

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It was the same here over the weekend as well and on the Saturday I didn't mind but on the Sunday it felt a bit much coming home and having to put up with noise from there yet again!

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When I first moved in many years ago neighbours used to knock on the door and let you know ,so that you could close your windows and get in your washing. Nowadays people just have no thought for neighbours but saying that where I live not many home owners everyone is renting so just don't care 😔

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Turnipgirl in reply to Madonna1

With me I don't mind the odd party now and then and yes it's good manners to let neighbours know you are having a party then they can arrange to go out if they want to.

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Jaybird19 in reply to Turnipgirl

if they are mobile enough to go out !

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Better stay in for the coming bank holiday weekend!

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We were all young ourselves once . I love to see the neighbours enjoying themselves as life is too short as it is. I have severe COPD but we also BBQ and I never go too near when it is smoking at the beginning. It calms down quite quickly and the smell of steaks etc cooking is a joy. Winter is so long so it's great to see the sun shining and able to use our garden .

Sorry it upsets you but just stay indoors until smoke goes away then you can sit outside .

Take care and enjoy the sunshine .xxSheila 💕💕

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Thepainterswife in reply to garshe

I agree Sheila . I really sympathise with anyone having health issues that are exacerbated by other peoples outdoor activities but those health issues aren’t the neighbours problem ,🤷🏻‍♀️ obviously people can expect a reasonable amount of consideration from neighbours just as the neighbours can expect to enjoy themselves in their own gardens. I don’t eat meat so I’m not really a BBQ fan but millions of people do love them and like you I love to see people enjoying the good weather 😎 xx

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garshe in reply to Thepainterswife

We always tell our neighbours if we are lighting the BBQ if they have washing on line. I love seeing neighbours especially children playing in their gardens and enjoying a hot dog off the BBQ . We are indoors so much throughout the Winter months.. I do sympathise with some who have medical problems and it contributes to their breathing , but as you say its not the neighbours fault.

Another sunny day hope you have a nice day , lots of love xxSheila 🌞🌞💕💕

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I'm with you on that. Smoke gets into our double glazed house, so I' d rather the neighbours didn't overdo barbeques, bonfires and burning goodness knows what in their domestic fireplaces. That said, I don't at all mind barbeques out in the sticks, if I can keep upwind until invited in to grab a sausage. xxx

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I misread the title as banning the BBC.... Bonfire of the vanities.

Yes, BBQs and secondary smoke are a real hazard when the sun comes out.

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I think I'd prefer the barbecue to the beer and weed parties we get round here when the sun shines.

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I love bbq & will always make sure to have one when the sun is splitting the trees ,nothing better than a big steak searing on the grill ,i have never ever been affected by wood fires or other peoples bbq ,it's all just WEF globalist nonsense spouted out by their payed trolls. as for the smoke government not too worried about it considering all the bombs they send to Ukrania .

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Wood burning stoves, bbq, bonfires etc....all really bad for me and I'm surrounded by all of these !!! It's a nightmare and there is absolutely nothing I can do.

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I don’t mind BBQs but I’ve got a neighbour opposite that has a fire pit. No sooner I got out in the garden to plant a couple of border plants one day the fire was lit and I ended up that my mouth was filled with smoke. I had to come in and close all my windows. I don’t mind them having a fire but a couple of times already this year I’ve had to close my windows. I need a fireman’s hose to put over the fence when the smoke comes my way. 😹. Just joking but it isn’t any fun when it comes into you face and house.

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Hi, I totally agree with you Madonna - ban them - the air in the UK is too moist - we're not in Australia - our gardens are too small. Also - considering how many people moan about someone having a cigarette and then stand in front of smelly bonfires or barbecues - total hypocrisy - they are bad for the environment - I was told worse than smoking!

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Couldn't agree more...don't get me started on fire pits, chimineas or anything that involves burning things outdoors...we are in the middle of a climate crisis due to greenhouse gases and people with lung conditions bear the brunt of it.

One of our neighbours had a fire pit going til midnight the other night and even with the windows shut we could still smell it. We need to make our air cleaner not dirtier, it's not being a killjoy, it's common sense and respect for other people's health.

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I don't begrudge people having their bbqs but it would be nice if when they see you have washing out .. they could post a note through the door if they can't knock .. because for us bronchs it's hell... we really can't tolerate the smell of burnt goods... it causes our Airways to close and sometimes cause an asthma attack so even if we can avoid going out in it ., we need to bring our clothes in off the line because we have to wash them all over again because to wear them would make us feel ill.

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