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Ct scan

Hi my name is cath I have been ill all over Christmas I was put on steroids and two lots of antibiotics and sent for chest X-ray I went for X-ray and next day Dr phoned me to say they found a shoddow and won't me to go for a ct scan the next day I popped a rib that was a week ago it's not ant bettter because I still coughing a lot so it keeps popping I haven't got the scan until 30 th Jan I know they say not to worry but I am as I have already had breast cancer and also can't they give me my results straight after my scan my Dr doesn't know About the popped rib also lots of pain on one side in my back should I be worried

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I Cath and welcome. A shadow on your lungs can just be a result of the infection in your lungs. They come and go. There can be other reasons and what I believe as happened is your Doctor is eliminating other causes.

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Ouch I popped two ribs last year it was agony for a few weeks but will go I got to admit I cried lol you just might have the infection showing on lung still and they are just being cautious try not to worry although its easier said than done I hope you feel a lot better soon xx

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