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Pleural thickening post vats surgery and hello

Hi I'm Lisa my hubby has recently been diagnosed with pleural thickening likely asbestos although not confirmed despite vats biopsy. Just wondering about excercises he could do and how to access help for it. He has heart and other health problems that contribute to his breathlessness and chronic fatigue but could do with some help. He doesn't do the forum's but I find them a great help and there seems a lot of great support hete. Hoping for some of that wisdom:)

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My sister-in-law also has Pleural plaques I'm not sure if she has thickening yet. My husband had Pleural plaques also when he died, which we didn't know he had. It is the result of breathing in asbestos. She has had hers confirmed. I have noticed a difference in her. She complains of pain in her back where the ribs are and also across her shoulders. She is 76 and has had to slow down, she walks everywhere going from one shop to another. She can no longer do this, she has become a one shop person.

All I can tell you is for him to stay as fit as poss. He will know to it if he over does it.

Hope this has been some help to you, I dare say someone on here will have personal knowledge.



Hi Chris thanks so much for your reply trust your sister in law enjoys the new year sales as best she can. We.are trying to keep my hubby fit Lisa

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