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My husband came out of hospital two weeks ago after a nasty bout of pneumonia , he just sleeps day and night . I have been concerned about this and will ask our doctor , but I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same . He also has Aspergillosis and Emphysema , but it’s been the sleeping before he was admitted and now all the time after coming home . How long is recovery from a bad bout of pneumonia please .

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I had pneumonia about 3 years ago an it took a good 4 months or so to recover completely. I was shattered really chronically fatigued and so I can understand the sleeping. Really rest is the best cure so if he can rest and sleep for the next few weeks it'll do him good, as the body has to recover from the bad infection. Obviously check with your GP too, but I think the rest is really good. Also he has other conditions too so it's even probably worse for him. I would suggest the pneumonia vaccine next year when he's fully recovered, your GP will be able to tell him when he could have that done.

Also, in about 6 weeks or so I would suggest he request a blood test from the GP to ensure all functions are back to normal and blood count back up. The infection and the medication effects the blood a fair bit, also the meds as he'd have been taking strong abs probably will make him tired too. And it's usual to have another chest X-ray about 6 weeks into recovery to ensure all the infection has left the Lung.

Hope he's feeling better soon x


Hello Daisy

In patient information article 1.2.22, I had found a recovery schedule for myself which I found useful. Of course we must take on account each individual circumstances

Hope it helps x

Thank you so much that brings so much clarity .

He has bloods done every month for his other conditions , and will be having another X-ray beginning of January when he sees his chest consultant for his regular appointment for the Aspergillosis and Emphysema , so I think that will be about the right time to see if the pneumonia is cleared . That really helps thank you x

Thank you so much wow is this useful x

I had viral pneumonia in 2013 and it took a full year to get over. It was a very long slow journey for me but I'm fine now. Good luck and take care.

Daisy55 in reply to Tetrazzini

Thank you

Hi Daisy it took me a long time to recover from pneumonia and I slept a lot too. I would be talking to someone one minute then asleep the next! Other lung conditions affect the recovery.

If he doesn't get an annual flu jab I would advise he gets one.

I hope he feels better soon.

Thank you for your help , yes the new doctor has him booked in for a flu injection , the old doctor didn’t bother to offer it , so I am pleased about that .

When I had pneumonia, it took me months to feel normal ag ain. I went back to work after 2 months and relapsed back with bad chest infection. Your husband will need to sleep, just make sure he does his chest clearance to get rid of the mucus. Wish you both well x x

Daisy55 in reply to Shirleyj

Thank you I will mention that to him . The doctor says back to work in 2 weeks from now , which will be ok I think as he works from home on his computer so can even have his laptop in bed if necessary .

Many thanks for your help x

Hanne62 in reply to Daisy55

That’s far too early I think, Daisy. Pneumonia really knocks the stuffing out of you. If he’s not well enough to do what a job normally entails ie get ready, travel to work, do a full day & travel home again, 5 days a week, he’s just not well enough. No one should feel they have to work from their sick bed. The dr may have said that but your husband only needs tell him he’s exhausted and he’ll issue another certificate, no problem.

Shirleyj in reply to Daisy55

Sounds too early, don't make him work till he is ready. Get doctor to sign him off for a bit longer. Take care x

I had pneumonia quite bad in June/July my GP did home visit and wanted me to go to hospital, and I did not want to go ! (Previously I had about 12 infections) so do not trust hospital stays at all. I have never felt so ill in my life, it was terrible and I spent nearly three weeks in bed sleeping and sleeping. This took me months to get over with the help of ABs, and even now I feel very tired and as my GP said it can take months to feel better !! Thinking of you and your hubby xx

Daisy55 in reply to Nitap

Thank you Nitap, I am so sorry to hear you contracted it too , it just seems to rage through the body taking everything and then it’s like a rebuild of the whole system isn’t it . I hope you are beginning to feel a little stronger now . Keep warm and safe this winter , lots of self care needed xxxx

I had sepsis sand pnuemonia August bank holiday was on hospital 2 days I’ve then 2 weeks still very tired fall asleep dr says it will take along time.i have Bronchiescatis and asthma,it’s so frustrating not having any energy

Daisy55 in reply to hazel76560

It takes a long time to recover from Pneumonia , especially with Sepsis as well , it is a very slow rebuild , and takes around a year . Sleep when you need to , to allow your body to recover . Nourish yourself too , with things you can gradually do whilst recovering . My husband did simple Lego after a few months .

Perhaps an easy jigsaw when you feel well enough .

Music helps , gentle music , nourish you xxxx

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