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Canulla soreness inside nose and dryness


Hi all my husband has to have oxygen 24hrs and the cannula makes his nose inside sore any ideas to help him to ease the soreness he suffers and the dryness as well. Look forward to hearing from anyone e who can give any help also just been told he is stage 2 COPD can anyone explain whst thst means he was diagnosed 7 years ago and only had to go on oxygen this April as he was having a lot of asserbations and has been hospitalised twice already this year. Thank you so much for all the help and advice I have had from so many of you this year helping with all kinds of subjects. Pamx

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Ask your pharmacy for any water based cream, K-Y gell is one.

Don't use any petroleum base such as Vaseline.

Stage two is one of four stages of COPD, classed as moderate

Harris2019 in reply to stone-UK

Thank you I will get some k y gel you have helped me with a few problems so I'm very grateful I'm surprised though thatmy husband is only moderate seeing he is on oxygen and a ventolin pump machine with capsules I thought he was really bad so it's good to hear that he is moderate thanks again Pam


any water based gel I use KY gel and also it would be useful to have a can of sterimar saline nasal spray on hand as sometimes your husband may experience a bunged up feeling from time to time, all these can be obtained from your GP. I use both of these products with great success but on no account use Vaseline


Harris2019 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your advice I will ask doctor tonight when I go for the spray Pam

Hi I got a gel called sensitive the same principle as ky jelly but only costs a pound it's exactly the same hope this helps

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my query I've got some k y gel and the doctor has given him a spray so thanks for all your advice and help it's great to know I can put up a message and it's answered within minutes some times so I feel better knowing that you are all out there reading the post and helping others like yourself who is new to all this what is happening To my husband Pamx

It really surprises me that your husband has to use oxygen at stage 2 as it is considered mild at this level. Has he been to Pulmonary Rehab? If he hadn't I think you should have a word with his doctor and ask him to refer him. There he will be given all the information he needs and they will show him exercises that he can do, it is so very, very important to keep moving as much as possible. As for the canula causing problems, I would have a word with the pharmacist at your local chemist and they will advise you.

He has been on oilman rehab 4 times bit he has had a lot of asserbations this year so we don't know whether he is stage 2 anymore as that is what he Was told 8 years ago he has just had a lot of tests done sees specialist in the next.week so we will.find put what stage he is now he can't breathe without oxygen now and has 1ltr.a min when he is at rest sitting and sleeping and 2ltrs a min when walking which he struggles to do now.does anyone have similar problems I would love to her from anyone who suffers the same with 24 hour oxygen

There are two typed of cannulas supplied by my oxygen company; one has straight prongs and the other curved prongs. I found that the straight prongs irritate my nose, especially while sleeping. The curved prongs are much better for me.


Hi from the US. Sorry that I'm late to this thread, but with Stage 3, and on oxygen I understand how the cannula makes the nose sore, and bleed. After months of searching for something WITHOUT PETROLEUM, finally found "Ayr" - "Saline Nasal Gel with soothing ALOE." I'm not sure if you can purchase this over there, but one can purchase through Amazon. I was lucky to purchase the gel at my local pharmacy, as recommended by my pharmacist, and it works wonderfully! Good luck. I hope this helps.

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