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Wheeze on expiration & coughing clear mucus

Hello. I'm a bit new, read others' posts but wondered if anyone can help or advise me please?

I have a wheeze on expiration, which sounds especially very noisy evening/night when sitting up in bed . Also have a very annoying loose cough that just produces a lot of clear mucus - again much worse evening/night. Sometimes I feel I have something very tight around my throat or a heavy weight on my chest.

I am posting to enquire if I can dry this loose mucus up somehow, could there be an over the counter treatment? I don't think I have an infection as this mucus coughed is quite clear, though I don't know what causes it.

I have an ipratrobrium inhaler to deal with breathlessness on exertion, which I only use two or three times a day.

Sorry if my question is a bit vague and not sure where to post it, I don't know who else to ask so hope someone has similar. Thank you for any help.

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The say clear mucus could be viral infection LIKE common cold.

Can be quite serious in lung diseased as can cause secondary infections.

Me I have had horrendous time with clear mucus over production in my throat.

Mucus is important as it swamps bacteria viruses wanting to do us harm thus can hack it up OR spread the love as its come to be known.

Currently my doctor as put me on penicillin and that seem to be doing the trick and not before time either in my opinion.

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Thank you for your response. I thought it was probably just a virus and I am loathe to see a doctor for it - just people hear my cough and say "oh you must get that seen to" !! Such a help to get the experience of someone else with similar..


I think viruses try make us bed bond thats why all joints ach when have flu one.

When immobile thats when pneumonia sets it thats why have to try do little bits to keep chest moving.

Are nasty little things SO i would go doc's tell him its trying to do for you.


Ipatropium is a preventer and is for long term use. Ventolin or bricanyl would be a reliever for immediate results.

My ipatropium prescription is 2 puffs 4 times a day every day.

My Ventolin is as reqd.

Lots of mucus could be a result of bronchiectasis, you need to clear it every day to prevent it becoming infected (as far as possible).

Should see your doctor if this is a problem for you.

Also should see doc if cough persists beyond a couple of weeks, can be many different causes.

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Thank you very much for replying, I do appreciate your help.


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