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chronic productive cough for 2 years. Moldy house.

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Any ideas on what’s going on-I’ve has a chronic productive cough for over 2 years. Clear phlyem coming from my lungs. I often cough up these little mucus balls,like gelatin kinda, and you can actually pop them with your fingers. No nasal congestion, no runny nose, no sore throat, no fever. Non smoker. Cough worse in early mornings but I constantly clear my throat all day. My doctor says post nasal drip. I have a massive mold problem in my basement and have been going down there to clear out any items I want to salvage. Allergist says I’m allergic to dust and animals..I’ve had both my entire life do not sure if that’s it..kinda doubt it.

Any thoughts? My next step is a pulmonologist.

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I hope the two things your lung specialist does is a CT scan and allergy testing. In London when I first saw a respiratory consultant I had allergy testing, there were 5 or six skin tests on my arm. There was a huge reaction to mould, a minor reaction to aspergillus (this one can grow in lungs of humans & animals, no cure, has to be treated with antifungals) the rest were negative.

I hope you get allergy testing, a CT scan and a full lung function test......have you tried a dehumidifier in the basement?. Good luck, P

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Maverickcat in reply to peege

yes I saw an allergist a few months ago. Did a bunch of skin pricks on my forearm. I was highly allergic to dust and animals but not terribly so to molds. I’ll have to look at the report about aspergillus. I did also have my basement tested for molds and obviously there were lots of molds present, but I can’t remember the aspergillus results. I am in the process of scheduling a pulmonary specialist appointment and will take my basement mold report and the allergist report.

The basement had a water leak 5-6 years ago so It’s not damp down there now. Not sure if a dehumidifier would be helpful at this point….?

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Moulds really harmful to wear a mask whn in there.u could try an antihistamine for allergies - they may lessen yr symptoms.over the counter loratidine or cetrizine r gd

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Maverickcat in reply to Patk1

I have tried a couple over the counter things. I take Benadryl and Tesla pearls (Prescription) every night and that helps me sleep. But I still wake up most mornings with a terrible productive cough.

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Have you been tested for bronchiectasis? This goes with Ankylosing Spondilitis and is an autoimmune lung disease with those symptoms.

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Maverickcat in reply to Shonkie

I wondered about bronchiectasis. Haven’t been tested yet but I will when I see the pulmonologist. I have had allergist testing and was reactive to dust and animals not too much on mold. I can’t recall if I was specifically tested for aspergillus but I’ll find my allergist report to see. I did have my basement tested and there were multiple different mildew present. I can’t wait to get the house remediated and move out of there. In a nasty divorce so that’s holding it up due to the finances. I do stay at a friends place a couple weeks per month so I’m not in the moldy house all the time. We also have mold under the kitchen sink where there was a leak. ☹️

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You need a dehumidifier in your basement and must definitely wear a mask if you go down there. Check everywhere in your home for mould. The spores can spread to all parts of the home.

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Maverickcat in reply to Fircone

the mold is long since dried…it was from a leak 5-6 years ago that my husband didn’t take care of. We had a leak in my kitchen that also has caused mold under my kitchen sink. Both the basement and kitchen will need major work. I’m in the process of nasty divorce and he moved out leaving me to live in this nightmare. I stay with a friend a couple weeks per month so I don’t have to breathe in that air. Just need to get it all remediated as soon as I can afford to. Thanks much. I am scheduling an appointment with a pulmonary doctor.

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Sounds like it could be hypersensitivity pneumonitis, triggered by the mold exposure. As the others say, wear a mask when you are in your basement. Ask your specialist (if you have one) to do a CT scan (will show 'ground glass') x-rays generally do not detect the subtle changes in the lungs. Ask for lung function testing. If its HP, then corticosteroids will help, but that road is a long one. Biologics are also an option, but usually (at least in the UK) you have to go steroid, then mycophenolate, when both have failed you may be offered biologics. If you don't have a specialist, ask for a referral, if you have private healthcare then use it. Get treated before fibrosis starts to develop. Good luck!

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Maverickcat in reply to FatLil

thanks so much for your input. I have had allergy testing done through an allergist-referred by my GP. I was allergic to dust and animals but not terribly allergic to mold. I am seeking a pulmonary specialist now and will see him as soon as possible. Will be curious as to the lung tests he suggests.

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The thing with mold is that there are many, many different types, and (at least in the UK, and I imagine also elsewhere) the panel used for testing only contains one or two antigenic types. So a negative test doesn't mean an awful lot unfortunately. I'm having a similar problem identifying what I am reacting to, so far I have no clue. Sadly that means wearing a mask for gardening (because of the mold in compost) and most cleaning jobs (because there are some ingredients in cleaning products that are known to trigger an allergic reaction). In fact (and I did this) a search of the medical literature indicates that almost anything can trigger an allergic reaction, so I kind of wish I hadn't looked!

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