feeling down

hi thanks for the replies to my sputum question. I'm supposed to be going on a cruise around the canaries on Monday and started being ill last week. As no improvement- I had blood tests, urine tests, sputum test and x ray yesterday. ( I'm on amoxicillin and steroids)

My coughing is really bad again- as it was last October. I'm worried we wont be allowed on the ship and will feel bad about that. It's my husbands 65 th in a couple of weeks.

I was changed Fostair last year after the coughing bout I had then and have felt better but I've just read- don't take Fostair if the coughing is acute, take your reliever! Don't take it at all?

I feel like nothing is helping . Last time my cough was with me for at least a month and I was nearly suicidal as I felt weak after each episode, there was no end, the attacks were violent and of course I was very weak in the bladder.

Same symptoms again! My voice has gone too.

I always feel better in warmer climates and am sure the trip will benefit my health.

Sorry - just feeling sorry for myself. People who don't suffer this don't understand how it affects you.

I've been drinking peppermint and liquorice tea with honey - going through a jar a day!

Help to alleviate this?


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  • Big hugs for you nothing more draining than having coughing fits and if in public also embarrassing throw the bladder issue into the mix and it just makes this even harder to deal with ....... do you get all your results before you go away have you asked your Dr their advice about going away as you say the warmer weather is probably going to do you the world of good 😊

    Take care

    Cales xx

  • thanks Cales especially for the hugs I need them right now

  • Ask about some antibiotics (maybe a stronger one?) to take with you.

  • will do- have a rescue pack but its amoxicillin 500 , the same as I'm taking

  • I never found that one worked for me. See what your doctor says when you explain you will be away. :)

  • I agree with mrsmummy, you need stronger and possibly longer course of ABs.

    If the doc or respiratory nurse ask them to check with respiratory at the hospital.

    Do hope you are feeling well enough for your cruise.

    Best wishes

  • Yes thanks mrsmummy

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear your feeling so ill, I've missed holidays in the past due to asthma and it's very dispiriting. Have you tried Clarithromycin instead of Amoxicillin, Amox doesn't seem to be as effective for me as it used to be, my mum had Clarithromycin for pneumonia as it's intended for chest infections. As for Fostair, I've tried it a few times and I didn't find it to be very effective so I went back on to Seretide with Qvar as an add-on. I was tried on Spiriva but that just made me cough all the time. hope you are well enough to go on holiday.

  • thank you ccccc. A lot of advice there. Hoping to see my doctor tomorrow. Will discuss it with him though a new GP that I'm not that ok with . We had to leave our last GPs as we were outside the area . A pity as he knew my medical background and helped me through severe pneumonia condition 7 years ago.

  • If you are feeling well enough to go even if still coughing they will not stop you as you are not infectious. Make sure you are absolutely meticulous following the guidance on hand washing etc as you do not want to pick up any infection that someone else has selfishly brought on board. P&O are very strict making sure you clean your hands when you come on board or go into the dining room. You also need medical insurance as they won't let you on without it. I hope I am not preaching to the converted, but if you get your abs sorted out you should have a lovely time so I hope you make it. Congratulations to your husband for his 65th birthday, it's my husband's 75th today. Happy cruising xx

  • Many Happy Returns to your husband. :)

  • Thank you. He looks so much better than last year when he was just about to start treatment for prostate cancer.

  • many happy returns to your husband

  • Thank you. We have had a lovely day with our younger son and family, and even our elder (autistic) son remembered!

  • I am on Forstair still use when having coughing spells a years plus ago stated using Jakemans sweets honey/lemon I find best stops cough in no time also have a small bottle of water with you as sometimes coughing happens when throat is dry Antibiotics/Steroids sometimes only work when last 1 has been taken, if breathing really bad I sniff Eucalytus Oil which clears my airways Chest Nurse said my blood levels had gone up from just over 7 to 9 1/2 so Eucalyptus is excellent for opening up airways but as I have Hypertension can put B/P up but rather that than struggling to breathe also Vick type rub on chest & lungs might help. Hope the cough goes soon & you can go on holiday also some of my tips God Bless XC

  • Thanks Christabella. I cleared my airways and that helped. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Hi Dickinson 1954

    This message popped up on my email list and funny as usually I don't read all these messages I felt I had to read yours.

    I had exactly the same thing. The coughing lasted me 2 months, I had the x -rays etc etc and whatever medication I took nothing helped. I became obsessed with using the toilet before going out and sometimes didn't want to leave the house because of embarrassing coughing and in continence due to the coughing. I felt awful. I was on 2 sets of steroids and antibiotics etc nothing worked.

    In the end I started research and started taking my own herbal remedies. In the morning I would have a large glass of warm spring water, I squeezed in a whole lemon , 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey with a tiny and I mean tiny dash of cayenne pepper. I bought serrapatase which I took with the drink . This fights inflammation. It tastes disgusting but guess what it works. My cough has now gone and I mean gone !!!! Try it . Let me know how you get on and always keep a bottle of water with you . As soon as you feel the cough coming ... drink. Enjoy the cruise 🚢 be positive and every morning stand on deck and practice deep breathing. Take in fresh sea air . Good luck 😉

  • Aww thanks for your advice Sadie and sharing your own story. Yes this happened to me last October too and I was exactly the same then. Nothing worked - lots of antibiotic and steroids.

    Its good to hear from someone else who has suffered the same plight.

    This time I did some research and I ve gone through a jar of manuka honey a day which I have added to peppermint tea or lemon or even buy itself.

    I have manuka, cider vinegar and lemon in - I haven't heard of serrapaste. Will have to research that and where to buy it.

    Last night was my best nights sleep so I'm hoping I'm on the home run.

    The incontinence gets me down more than anything else especially when it feels like its bucketloads!!


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