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not feeling good

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hi all I’ve recently come out of hospital thought I was having a flare up of my Bronchiectasis it turned out I had covid & the flu, they sent me home as there was no treatment they could give me. It’s been 4 weeks now & 2 weeks ago I felt worse so got a rescue pack from my Dr antibiotics & steroids. Today I’m feeling no better, my cough is worse & I have a awful pain in my back between shoulder blades, I’m still coughing up green phlegm, I’m struggling to finish a meal (have lost over a stone) I just don’t feel right but can’t put my finger on what’s wron. I’m going to book to see Dr , I would say the pain in my back i the worst of it but I also have a heaviness in my chest, no pain just a feeling like something heavy is on top of me 😢

18 Replies
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It all sounds awful Julie. I hope that your doctor can offer you some help xx

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How awful for you Julie. Make sure you say how urgent it is that you see your doctor. Thinking of you. Xx

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Do ring dr and put a specimen in for testing.x

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That sounds awful. You need some help.

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Definitely need some help maybe it's a bad chest infection settled in or pleurisy, either way you can't let it go without medical help wishing you better soon

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Sounds bad Julie, I would check it out to be on safe side. Can take a few weeks to recover from Covid for some. Wishing you a speedy recovery xxSheila 🙏💕

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Thank you everyone I’m seeing my DR tomorrow. Do any of you know if you’ve had covid are you immune for 90 days, I thought you were but a friends daughter has had it twice recently with only 3 weeks in between it’s just my work involves visiting lots of different people & one of them is currently at home with covid & isn’t feeling good.

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Hi Julie ,I had covid in April ,it took me six weeks to start feeling anything like myself ,I still get a heaviness in my chest ,not always though ,I am feeling better now ,in your case I would get intouch with my dr and explain how you are feeling,also get a sputum test done

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Poor you Julie, im sure if you describe those symptoms you will be seen today or at least talk over symptoms and be advised.

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Sounds awful for you Julie. Hope you’ve had help from the medics now x

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With older versions of Covid it was apparently thought that contracting the virus offered a reasonable level of immunity to re-contracting the (then extant versions of) the virus.

Now with Omicron, and particularly sub-variant BA.5, this is not true. I recontracted corona virus on Monday according to a cheap antigen test kit, having previously had the virus a month earlier (that initial contraction lasted 2 weeks - I was treated in hospital here in Thailand for 5 days with an antiviral, Pfizer's molnupiravir, which makes me surprised when you say 'there was no treatment they could give - but waited another week or so before testing negative'). I am a bronchX sufferer too btw - albeit my bacterial infections have gone missing for 2 and a half years - thanks to mask wearing and lower social contact I believe

So, I did some internet research earlier this week and found that a study in the US has found that 6% of new recorded cases there were contracted by people who had previously had a bout of corona virus. Omicron BA.5 was thought to be the culprit - it's highly infectious and the implication was that it was blasting thru any immunity that previous contracted corona viruses had been giving.

PS my current recontraction has been a doddle - no symptoms after an initial couple of mild events that caused me to test (sore throat and cold sweats - disappeared almost immediately with no treatment). This morning I tested negative and my doctor says '4 complete days with no symptoms and now a negative test; you are free to leave self-isolation jail!

I echo others - sputum that is white is unlikely to be a problem and, per my Thai bronchX consultant is regularly seen with coronavirus, will likely last beyond testing positive and is the product of the body's response to inflammation of the lungs by the virus, not an infection in its own right; that is if it's white/clear/only very slightly discoloured. Greens/browns/yellows - get a sputum test - likely to be a bacterial infection or a non-corona virus

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So sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly Julie14, you really need to see your gp and get some help, fingers crossed your pick up soon x

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Do hope the doctor can help in some way. And relieve the pain in your back. Just hope you improve soon. Brian

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Sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope your doctor can help you and quickly. xxx

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Thank you all so much for the comments xx

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Hope your GP can sort you out. I lost over a stone as well when I had Covid in 2020. I ate rich yoghurts and chocolate buttons to put the weight back on. Not fully healthy but they were easy to eat!

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Julie if you are coughing up green phlegm you have got a chest infection ,and that will not get better it will only get worse, i am not a Doctor but i have had eneough chest infections in my time they should have put you in antibiotics straight away ,get to a doctor asap. Good luck and get well soon . Frankie.

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Guitarman230 in reply to Guitarman230

Just realised your Post is 5 months ago.

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