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good morning all hope you are all doing well on this hot sunny day . I have a question my doc is sending me for a alpha-1-antitrypsin . does any one know why I would need this test and how is it done. as we norm have bloods done in docs surgrey but have been told need to go to hospital for this one. getting worried as I don't like blood tests at best of time.

thanks in advance guys .

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Hi Lyn, A1A is an enzyme deficiency condition which causes emphysema, often in younger people. But everyone with copd should have a test for this if only to rule it out. I think the treatment or the monitoring of A1A may possibly be a bit different. Mine was just a blood test done at the surgery same as other blood tests so Im afraid I can't answer why you have to go to hospital. It's making me wonder if something was missed out in mine. Hopefully someone else will be able to give you more detailed information.

I have never had one. I understand they only give them to people under a certain age or if you have never smoked or met any of the conditions for copd.

Maybe policies on testing vary round the country LL - I had one a couple of years after dx and I was about 57 then. I don't think being diagnosed with copd at an older age would necessarily rule out it being due to A1A.

No I agree with you O2. According to the old NICE guidelines they recommended a blood test if you were under 35 but didn't mention it generally. Sounds like your doctors were very on the ball.

I wonder if I should have had this. My Obstructive/restrictive condition has been attributed entirely to my Lupus although it is not a common manifestation of that particular connective tissue disease. I've never smoked and was 46 when first referred to respiratory medicine. Can it be done privately, do you know? X

Anything can be done privately Clare but why not ask your GP? You could say what you've said above, that you're wondering since your lung condition isn't usually associated with lupus - or something like that.

I will do exactly as you say, it can't hurt to ask in the first instance xx

I've heard it's just a finger prick.

I wouldn't stress yourself, it would be great to rule it in or out. Nowadays the equipment is so refined that you can hardly feel it.

I don't like them either really but am always very pleased to have them so I'm monitored.

Good luck - and don't look! X

Good morning Lynn55 and a quick reply to your post earlier about the blood test for Alpha 1A- I'm 99% certain its just a thumb prick by a nurse and then she's finished with you! If I am right,you'll probably spend longer waiting to be seen at the hospital !! Please try not to worry yourself.

I am 58 and my Consultant sent me for test 10 days ago. It's was taken by drawing blood from my arm.

thank you all for the replys I will let you all know after thurs as that is when I will be going .

Ho everyone just a quick update on my blood test . I was very worried as I had been told they took blood from your wrist and that it was painfull .it was not taken that way but in normal way from the arm . Now awaiting results watch this space. But I would like to say a big thanks for all the replays . Since finding this site it has helped me a lot .

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