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Feeling awful

Hi All. I'm wondering if anyone has these symptoms and what it is. I've had a 3 week course of prednisone steroids and 5 days of antibiotics. Now finished and feeling flue like and lethargic. Just want to sleep. Had a constant cough night and day which seems to have eased but still feel terrible. Is it withdrawal from steroids? Just no energy ad if I've just had flu. These lungs are wearing me down.

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I would go back and see your GP, maybe your chest infection hasn't cleared yet....a sputum or blood test may help diagnose and find the right antibiotic.

I can feel very ' down' after a course of steroids, but if I were you I would seek advice from a health professional today.

Best wishes and I hope you feel better soon.


Agree with knitter - go back to doctor to check you are clear of infection.

IF you are clear it can still take time to feel better after a bad flare up. Last year I was very unwell for several months and it took weeks after to feel "better" again.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself time.


This could well be the steroid lows as I always feel the same for a few days after I stop taking them. If you are worried go back to your doctors. Look after yourself.

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I recently had 5 courses of antibiotics and steroids. The steroids made me feel quite nuts. I think when coughing all the time we use more energy then we realise.

You may need another course to kill the bug!!

Back to gp and ask for your chest to be checked!

I agree to with Liliclil that it could be a steroid downer.

Good luck

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Thank you all for the kind replies, If it doesn't clear i'll go back to docs. I had an xray last week but it takes two weeks for results.


Normally your steroids finish when your antibiotics finish did you go 6-5-4-3-2-1 on steroids or six a day then stop 🛑. They should of eased your breathing.

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Bye the way did you take ammoxcilin as they not much good 😊 a sputum test will say which one your best with you might be resistant to them I was, try doctors again.


Hi there, my freind has had a virus for three weeks now with still an ongoing cough. Was treated with antibiotics at first so you may need to persevere it seems to be a nasty bug going round which may be what you had or not sometimes even doctors can't be certain. If it does not improve revisit doctor I would say.


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