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So fed up

Well, back at GP tonight. Two weeks after finishing antibiotics and steroids need a month of steroids. Apparently my last sample still showed H Influenza and a new bug that the doctor said he hasn't known folk to have in a long time. Can't remember the name which is annoying.

He said l need to see the consultant again, gave me a print out of the dates and amounts of steroids lve had this year, it's 5 lots of two weeks each time.

So, still no closer to knowing why.

See him in 4 weeks, oh but the receptionist couldn't book the appointment as too far in advance so l will have to ring two weeks before and hope l get an appointment.

Well, took ten weeks to get this one so.....

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I am sorry you have the same sort of problems as lots of us have. Too much antibiotics, too little attention from GPs. Afraid it is the symptoms of a sick NHS.

Thank heavens we have this support via the BLF


Most definitely


I know it must be frustrating for you! Hang in there!

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There is no quick fix to these infections, just keep taking the pills and asking loads of questions. Its always handy to write down everything your doctor says or does.

I find it strange that you had to book an appointment with the consultant, usually that would be done by your GP, or was that to get an appointment with your GP?

I have been struggling to find an inhaler with no nasty side effects, I never used to write things down, but I do now. Sometimes you just wonder if you are ever going to feel better, but you will get there.

There are always loads of good people here willing to help you in any way they can, so you are not alone.

Take care


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It was with my GP and thanks. I will try to remember to write things down, that's an excellent idea.


Might want to try some naturopathic stuff to help with inflammation

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Thanks for that. Would need to discuss with GP as on many different medications.


Haemophilis is a little bugger, likes to colonize my lungs too, just finished another month of Doxycycline. Do you have a Respiratory Consultant ?

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At the moment l am under a consultant but unsure how long for. I've had it for almost two years now and every time they check it has a visitor too! No matter what they do o can't shake the blithering little bug!

I find this forum so helpful. For years lve been so alone in all this but joined here and suddenly don't feel such a freak.

Thanks for replying.



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