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copd and allergies

hi everyone...i am hoping someone can give me some information on what is going on with me. I have very severe copd (fev25%} and am 77 yrs old. i was diagnosed 11 years ago (at that time fev1 42%}. i am on oxygen 24/7 at 2.5-3.0 LPM. i live in Calgary, canada where the weather changes every 10 mins ! 😠 i quit smoking when i was diagnosed and try to stay active but find i am in usually feeling to tired to "get up and go". it is a vicious cycle...

for the last couple of months i find my nose constantly pouring clear fluid and then it drips back into my throat. then my throat gets a tickle that sets me off on a severe coughing spell! i seldom.b ring up anything but the coughing makes me very tired and scares my friends and family! i am wondering if it could be an allergic reaction to pollen or ???. has anyone experienced this? could it be exacerbation? how do i know?

thanks for any advice you have. jackie

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Possibly post nasal drip, stick it in google and it will explain what it is, I'm not a doctor obviously but it may be that.


thank you very much roey


It does sound as if it could be an allergy that you have now developed. I would get it seen to by a doctor first in case it is another problem with your sinus'.

I now suffer from hay fever for the first time ever this year, horrible, I hope it is a passing phase, Cetirizine Hydrochloride tablets seem to work and I take one before I go to sleep at night so I do not have problems with disturbed sleep.




I've had hayfever for about seven years. Another good nasal spray that works really well is beconase, you can pick it up at tesco's or a chemist. I usually start taking it at the end of April to give a bit of a boost before the grass pollen starts in may. It doesn't prevent itchy eyes though.


You're welcome


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