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GOODMORNING everyone it’s been so long since I’ve been on , hope everyone is doing as well as can be , as use already may know my mum got diagnosed with lung cancer last April she done radiotherapy and got rid of then cancer was doing well for a couple of months and now she has sever wheeze with her COPD can’t walk as much as 10 steps without getting out of breath respiratory team has given her nebulouser ect which does help but just wondering will the COPD get worse or is this just a flare up I’m really really worried she’s only just 61 and it’s like her full life has went down hill in a couple of months with the COPD

any answers would be appreciated as I don’t no much about COPD except google and that’s not a good place to look

All my love michelle x

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Hi Michelle, I'm sorry but I don't know whether your mum is having a flare up or not. It may be best if you could speak to one of her respiratory nurses to get more information.

Google can be very scary. Asthma +Lung UK have lots of information about COPD if you take a look at their website. Best wishes to you and your mum.

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CDPO16 Thankyou so much I will have a look at those websites you have given me , just so worried and scared that this is going to be her life forever now 😢

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CDPO16 in reply to Elsy12345

I understand that but it is good that she has respiratory nurses trying medications to help her x

There is a helpline open for UK residents …..on 0300 222 5800

I don’t know if you live in the UK , but if you do they can help with any queries .

Best wishes .

Thanks so much xxx

Best wishes to you and your mum. You may have to be persistent to get the medical people to come up with suitable people.

Alberta56 thankyou but I feel like don’t get anywhere with the medical team there just giving my mum nebulouser ect and steriods just really worried it’s going to progressively get worse 😢breaks my heart I’m worried sick xx

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Alberta56 in reply to Elsy12345

Anng has given you excellent advice. I think in this sort of situation of what Littlepom advises, ie. we have to look after ourselves and keep on at the medics until they give us what we need. Hard to be bloody minded when you feel bad, but sadly it's sometimes the only way to get what we need.

Hi Elsy,

When my mum got as bad as you are describing I called 999 and got her checked out in hospital. Doctors and respiratory teams prescribe routine treatments, which don't always work as they have not diagnosed what is causing the extreme breathlessness.

From my experience, your mum needs to be monitored and checked over properly.

I feel for you, as it is frightening, but mum was like a new woman when checked over and dealt with properly - given the correct anti-biotics, steroids etc.

anng18 thankyou hun much appreciated I will give her GP a call today as she’s already on antibiotics and steriods but don’t seem to be doing much she’s not getting any better and I’m just worried sick Thankyou so much for your reply means a lot

All my love michellle

Hi Etsy. I have same problem. I was told that the radiotherapy can also target nearby good bits of the lung as well as the cancer which might make the breathing a bit worse than before. But she could also be having a flare up of the COPD . It's really hard to tell . With a flare up there's usually a dirty spit and congestion and sometimes wheezing. Whereas if was the radiotherapy it would be all the time breathless if that makes sense. Hope it's a flare up and she can get some antibiotics and steroids to clear.

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