Finally got the date for my assessment, 1 June. Since I applied I have been so much better, double blasting every day with Incruse and Relvar. I'm well enough to go and get my hair cut this week for the first time since October.

The result of this will no doubt mean failure because I really won't look like someone who is struggling to cope at the moment.

I love feeling so good though, considering at my lowest point I didn't believe I would survive the winter!

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  • Hi Susiedee, that's a mixed bag of news, but glad to hear you feel a lot better. Pip could still be paid maybe at lower rate, but remember its how you are at your worst , so fingers crossed its not a complete no on assessment. Best Wishes for the !st only a week away.

  • Katie is right. However good you look or feel, tell them how you are at your worst. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your comments. It really helps to come to this forum. I will just try on the day to convince them. I want to continue working as long as possible and PIP would be a good way of helping me get there by cab on bad days. I'll keep you posted xx

  • It's all relative, isn't it? You are feeling so much better, but no doubt life is still more of a struggle for you than it should be. When I went for my Blue Badge assessment the same thing happened to me - I was at the top of my game, or so I thought. I got the badge but since then have improved tremendously. Perhaps you still have further to go so, with luck, you'll get your PIP and still feel better than you did before. It's nice to hear you are already feeling much better. x Moy

  • Thanks for the reply. You're right that it is all relative. I would much rather be feeling good but since changing to part time, finances are stretched and obviously any additional costs still have to be met. I have loads of medication not just for COPD so I get a quarterly prescription card when a yearly would be better. Still, chin up. It's really hot today and so far it hasn't affected my breathing too much 😀😀

  • Before I got to the age for free prescriptions, I used to pay for an annual card using my credit card - do they still allow this? It helped to spread the cost. Like you, I have lots of other meds and thank goodness I'm now over 60!

    Good luck with your PIP application.

    x Moy

  • Good tip.

  • I got a letter today saying the assessment has been cancelled, no reason given, just wait for another appointment. Got all psyched up for nothing lol.

    I don't have a credit card anymore but I used to use it for meds.

  • That's rotten luck! Hope they get you another appointment soon.

  • How awful for you, Susiedee. Hope you get a new appointment really soon.

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