What a month

It started with a fall when I tripped on a rug in the hall while trying to bring in the milk, I use a frame for walking indoors since braking my hip in November. Managed to get up eventually and was ok except for a huge raised bruise on my leg. 3 days later I took my weekly Alendronic tablet for my bones. Was ok but awoke that night feeling dizzy which turned into Vertigo which lasted for 6 hours, my meds came back up and I couldn't eat anything. That night I woke at 3am needing a wee and when I tried to get out of bed I was so weak my feet wouldn't bear my weight and I slipped onto the floor getting stuck between a pouffet and small chest of drawers, couldn't reach the buzzer on the drawers to get my husband up , I sleep downstairs in the living room. Improvised by banging my walking stick against coffee table. The racket did wake my husband but he thought it was outside. He had to lift me onto the settee. He was going to the pharmacy to get repeat prescriptions and called into GPS to ask for a home visit and I ended up in hospital with cold shivers. First night had hallucinations (not unpleasant). Was on a drip which was changed twice. IV steroids and anti biotics. Nebuliser 4 times each day. After a week was told my inflammatory markers had been over 400 but was now 65. Scan showed chest was clear and was allowed home. I had been looked after so well. My biggest test came last week when I spent a day in a cancer unit checking for breast cancer. Had mammogram, echogram and 3 biopsys were taken. Was told the first two tests were indicating the lump indicating cancer and told I would not be suitable for aggressive treatment. Glad to say I received a copy letter from the consultant yesterday saying the samples showed benign and I would probably be treated with hormones. I feel so lucky.i hope anyone who has any of the symptoms I mentioned get help sooner than I did . Even though I had just finished taking my emergency meds. Joyce

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Hi Joyce what a month it certainly has been for you, glad to see you are ok now. Have a lovely day 😊 xx Bernadette

😊 Thank you.

Goodness me Joyce....you've been having a tough time of it! So glad everything turned out well for you and that you're feeling much better now. Take care and stay well! XXX

Feeling stronger now than I have for ages and putting some weight back on. Hope you are keeping well x joyce

You have certainly been through the mill latley hope improving still x

I am thank you x

Bless you Joyce and hope you are doing better now. Good news that cancer was benign. Xxxxx

Thank you x

What a hellish month you've had Joyce, I can't imagine how stressed you must have been but, I'm glad to hear it's all come good in the end. xx

I am feeling well thank you x

It's great to hear that you're feeling well, Joyce, but my word you have been through the wars and back again. Am pleased they looked after you so well while you were in and hope you can now get some of you strength back. Take care of yourself! Sue x

Feeling better every day thanks

What a scare that was about bresta cancer. I'm so glad it's clear. Should your buzzer not be around your neck? It mgith be easier to call your husband.

At last, you are home and safe. I hope you are not to sore. Take care, Joyce, Mic

The tests were pain free and just left with a bruise . Which I fine. Considering buying a baby alarm which my husband could leave on all night. Cheers

Joyce, it might give your hubby ideas?! Good idea though. Cheers, Mic

Nice one

What a catalogue of problems , all very distressing. Glad to hear your tests were benign. Thank you for the sensible advice. Why is it when we have an operation all the other nasties catch us while we are down. Hope your Hip is mending well , take care all these little falls jolt the system. xxx

Thank you Katie. I am feeling so much better and stronger and have put on some weight after dropping to 7.8 stone. Can't fault the care I received. Hope you are keeping well and still enjoying your trips out xx

Dear joyce74 ,so sorry you have been so unwell and had to go into hospital. I know when I've been looked after by our fabulous NHS nurses,that their care and compassion was second to none,so I'm glad to hear your treatment was first class also.

Here's hoping you make a good recovery and thank goodness you've such a loving husband who will wait on you hand and foot!!!!!

Best wishes.

You are right about the nurses they can't do enough for you and helped me back on my feet. Feeling ok now thanks

You've got my total sympathy re the vertigo as I get it too. It can go on for hours, can't it?! But then you had everything else to contend with as well. You've had a rotten time. I hope things are looking up for you now. xMoy

I have only had it once, feel sorry for you still getting it. Hope it doesn't continue for you x joyce

At least I haven't had to put up with everthing you've had going on for you this month. Glad you have come through it and, hopefully, out the other side now. x Moy

What a good ending Joyce to a very traumatic time you have had. Lilian xxxx

Yes it is thank you x

What s nightmare for you and your hubby. So pleased you are on the mend and being so positive, keep up the good work. I'm sure my husband is going deaf as he sits in his chair, I'm usually on the settee and I say something, but get nothing back, so I shout KEITH. He is up and says what's wrong, I say it's you go for a hearing test I haven't the breath to repeat everything twice. It's not him it's me apparently I talk quietly!!!!!

It's not you Jummie, your husband is going deaf! My husband says that I speak too quietly but he can't hear anyone else either. He refuses to wear his hearing aid, too uncomfortable, he says. Very selfish, I say. Like you, I find it difficult to have to keep repeating things. Lilian xxxxx

I'm in that club can't drag my husband to have his hearing tested. I will be the same soon the way the TV is always at full blast. He says he can hear me on the phone as I'm too loud. When I ask him what I said he doesn't hear what it's about. Let me know if you get yours to go and tell me how you did it.

MEN !!!!! let's say no more lol.

If I do get him to go I will let you know. Men can be so stubborn. Think I might make appointment for us both and get him to take me and surprise him with his appointment too. Crafty hee hee

Hope it works. Mine would just wait in car. Good luck x

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