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Covid Pnumonia Recovery - 12 month update

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Its 12 months since I was in hospital, and in the last 12 months i've acheived a lot

I've cycled 17 miles in a day

Walked 2 miles

Walked to the shops and back with bags

Climbed a small hill

Working full time

Yet i'm still not back to normal.

While I do not suffer PEM now, I do get tired still and still have aches and pains all over, especially my legs. I walked up a small hill yesterday and it really caught me out. I had some chest tightness too, not something I've had for over 3 months

So while I can function normally to an extend, my stamina is seriously reduced still. The good news is i'm still improving, but its very slow.

What I've described are the last lingering symptoms.

I do wonder when I'll get back to my normal stamina, but i'm now pushing to get that back so I can climb a mountain in the spring of 2023.

Currently I still struggle to do multiple things on the same day, if I walk 2 miles, I could not later go to the shops, without it making me very tired.

However I can drive with ease now, and found that cycling is good for me to get around as its not weight bearing.

I STILL get out of breath on stairs, something the previously never troubled me!

I'm looking to increase the intensity of exercise now, as I feel its the only way to improve my aerobic capacity.

Will I climb that mountain?

Watch this space.

14 Replies
madonbrew profile image

You will!!! You’ve already been climbing a mountain this year so you’re well trained 😉

Katinka46 profile image

lovely to hear from you. It is all very impressive and going on the right direction.

But I am concerned about what kind of help, monitoring and support you are getting from doctors. The long term effects of Covid cannot yet be understood and I would have thought doctors would be keen to follow up on your progress.

Thank you for the update.

Lots if love

Kate xxx

natswright profile image
natswright in reply to Katinka46

Sadly, doctors seem not to be interested or simply do not know what to do. I'm lucky to be in good hands though!

Digger0 profile image
Digger0 in reply to natswright

Glad you are getting some help!

sassy59 profile image

It’s certainly been a struggle for you natswright but you’ve achieved so much in the last 12 months and I truly believe you’ll climb that mountain. Xxx

Caspiana profile image

You are doing great!! Keep going. xx ❤️

Threecats profile image

From where you were at the beginning to now, you’ve achieved an incredible amount, thanks to your grit and determination to succeed. As others have said, you’ve already climbed one mountain. I’ve no doubt, with your positive outlook, you will climb another!

All the best to you, TC x

Mollie01 profile image

Well done you have come so far.

watergazer profile image

You’re doing great natswright. You’ll get there. I’m so glad your life is on a more normal keel. I know a young mum who is still struggling after having covid. X

corriena profile image

Well done you have come along way in a relativly short time 😃

Jaybird19 profile image

You have the determination.

keep at it you have, done so well.

peege profile image

I was wondering the same as Katinka so I'm so glad you have decent medical support. I also wonder if you've been given a blue emergency inhaler to carry for the tricky breathless times. Do you still take vitamins, minerals &/or supplements? This winter could be tricky so avoid germs & viruses.

Years ago I had several pneumonia over 18 months taking several montghs to completely recover from.

Well done you on all your hard work and good luck with the next mountain!

Alberta56 profile image

Watch out, mountain. Nats is coming. Seriously you're doing so well, and it must be interesting for anyone recovering from a serious illness to watch your progress. It says to me don't worry too much if you take a long time to progress, you'll get there in the end. thank you. xxx 😊😊😊

BionicLady profile image

You have done so well to come that far, I would give yourself a pat on the back!

I also had Covid Pneumonia in July and already in my second chest infection, I'm feeling so grim taking all these antibiotics which have been upsetting my stomach non stop since July.

The aching legs is real, I thought it was only me but I'm having real problems particularly at night when they won't keep still! As for the breathlessness, it's hard in itself and all I want to do is lay in bed!

I really hope I reach some goals next year, at the moment, it's difficult to see past anything by the day to day symptoms I'm getting whilst feeling so poorly.

Keep up the good work, you will reach that milestone soon 💪😉

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