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Any NEW meds out there?

Hiya all. I'm a new writer but have been a reader for several weeks. I suffer from numerous health problems but the main diagnosis is ALLERGIC BRONCHO PULMONARY ASPERGILLOSIS (ABPA). I have been on a steady dose of an antifungal med, Itraconazole, for many years. I was a part of the original study program running from North Manchester General Hospital back when the Barcelona Olympics was on. I am under the care of a physician at the top of his field in infectious disease, who is now based at Wythenshawe General Hospital, South Manchester University Teaching Hospital. I have however not had a consultation with him for possibly 10 years. I know drug advances take place and I am curious as to wether there are any more Antifungals out there.

Advice and recommendations requested please! Take care all and I hope to build up a few friendships on here with people with the same condition.

Regards Craig (C.x)

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Hi and welcome .. as to new meds your enquiry WELL my docs have never had sample my lungs grew SO don't really know causes of my infections.

Am only on basic antibiotics rotated ever few weeks.


Hi Craig & welcome to the group. I don't have the same problems as you, but I think if I were in the same boat I'd be asking my GP for a referral back to the Consultant for a review - he can then advise of any new & suitable treatments for you. Best wishes 🌻Christina


Hiya, I lost contact with the consultant but he did say in a previous email that I should bypass my GP and contact him direct. I have sent an email to him and am waiting on a reply. In the meantime I was hoping someone could give me some ideas, maybe some member with the same condition. C.x


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