I have always slightly had reflux but it didn't bother me to much ,And then last year I was taken of Seretide and put on to Fostaire for my severe COPD straight away I started with reflux symptoms that have gradually got so bad I now have sore throat earache no voice and I'm so miserable .I saw a Ent guy who sorted a infection in my ear but he said I would need a gastro guy for throat ?I then had a endoscopy which showed reflux in my oesophageal I also had biopsies this was over a month ago I still haven the results back I tried to phone the hospital but was sent in circles .I now am waiting to go to doctors has my ear is infected yet again .when I asked the endoscopy guy had he checked my throat he said no ? I just feel I'm hitting my head on a brick wall I believe going by my symptoms I have lpr that affects your throat and voice .Its getting this way I wish I could win the lottery to get myself treated I cant even get to see the resp nurse for weeks its ridiculos rant over just feel so let down

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My suggestion would be to see your GP and let him/her chase the test results for you. Secondly, if you have a consultant you can ring their secretary via the hospital switchboard. In the meantime try Gaviscon for the reflux.

Am not under ENT now apparently has last infection cleared up he was a ear man not throat also have asked doctors to chase my results up nothing yet ,Has for seeing my GP the wait is longer than the nurse I'm just feeling so let down it is really stopping me doing anything this has been going on for a year I just cant seem to make anyhead way x

P.S I have drunk gaviskon by the bottle x

ENT stands for ear, nose and throat because they are all connected yet doctors at the hospital are not it seems!

Keep pestering them until you get the results and get any other tests you need. You shouldn't need to keep on and on but sadly that's the way it is these days. Xxx

I would suggest you ask your GP to be referred to ENT for a nasendoscopy procedure, just an endoscopy done through the nose looking at your windpipe and much less difficult to tolerate. That will show if there is any problem with your voice box and surrounding tissue. I agree that there's no joined up thinking in the NHS. In the U.S. they are starting to have an aerodigestive discipline which looks at everything from the stomach to the lungs under one discipline. Crazy that took so long, and we still don't have that.

The ear specialist done this but it doesn't get the part of throat at top I think there is another procedure for this xx

You mi9ght have candida in your throat,. I got that through using Spiriva. Doctor put me on Nystatin, and that cleared it up.

Why haven't they put you on a PPI (like Omeprazole) to protect you from reflux?

Were you OK with seretide? If so, ask (insist if necessary) to be switched back.

Best wishes

I have had them all I'm now on Esomeprazole and Gaviston x

Hi, you have all my sympathy I have been battling with exactly the same as you for the past 4 years and it is now totally out of control and is ruining what life I have it's more disabilitating than my severe copd , like you passed from pillar to post , I have finally seen a wonderful professor who seems to know what's going on so I'm pinning my hopes on him, I don't know which area you are from but you have to really push I even wrote to the chief exec of our NHS in my town and at last I can see a tiny light at the end of what's been a long dark tunnel, I really feel for you good luck, always someone here to talk to, if you message me your symptoms il compare them to mine, I don't have ear infections but my ears often feel blocked.

I am having a lot of problems with reflux and with pains in my lower abdomen. I was swapped to Fostair from Seretide and am wondering if this might be the problem. I also have had inflammation markers in 3 consecutive stool samples so have to see a Gastro consultant. The COPD is bad enough then all this!! You have my sympathies and thank you for the post because it may be something I can mention to the doctors. I am in the UK.

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