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Hello everyone. Gosh there are so many diseases out there. I was diagnosed with bronchiactesis 12 years ago. I have just been reading an ad about 'Soemac which is an oxygen machine which is supposed to help breathing difficulties. I am new to this site so I was wondering if anyone out there suffers from this and also have you heard about this machine

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Hi Osha. Welcome to the site.There are quite a few of us on here who have bronchiectasis and several long term bronchs. I have lived a full life with it from the age of 3 and I am now 66. My oxygen saturation is always about 98 and I have never needed oxygen. It is something that those with bronchiectasis don't usually need. I am sure that if your consultant saw signs that you needed it they would discuss it with you. It isn't something to presecribe for yourself because too much oxygen can be as bad as too little. Great that you asked the question. We are all here for you if you need us.

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Thank you littlePom This machine is plugged into the wall and supposed to make the air better. Made me think twice about too much oxygen though. Further investigation needed I think


aah now that could be a different thing. More about cleaning the air than delivering oxygen. Many people on here have units which clean the air, help dry air, get rid of moisture in the air etc. I have a radic 8 machine which is supposed to take nasty particles out of the air using ultra violet. I'm not sure that it works but I do seem to be breathing easier at night after it has been on all day. I hope others will be along to tell you of their experiences.


Thank you littlepom


You can check other posts about it here:

Seems it may not be very scientific.


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