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First time Post Exercise following infection, good or bad idea?

Hi, I have had a recurring chest infection which began in January, lasted three weeks, back on my feet and three weeks later, back again. I am just finishing my antibiotics and steroids today and am still finding my lungs are filling with mucus. This is new for me and has never lasted like this before so I dont know whether I should begin walking out in the park again (very gently as I am really puffed) or not. I have moderate COPD and am normally quite fit walking the dogs every day for 2/3 miles and last infection before this year was January 2016. I would be grateful of any advice, thank you.

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Hi Polly. I always go by how I feel. As far as I know, the main risk of exercising with an infection is that some viruses can weaken the heart muscle, so you mustn't do anything strenuous. But exercise helps clear the lungs of mucus so is generally a good idea. Now you've finished the abs, if you feel well apart from the breathlessness, I'd pick a warm dry day and start with a short stroll, see how you feel. You must be longing to get out in the fresh air!


Good reply Hanne, can't really add anything. :)


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