3 months after pneumonia and pluricy... should I have more tests or is it normal to still have pain and shortness of breath?

I was taken to hospital eventually 3 months ago after a week of doctors telling me I could have a fractured rib or a cough and maybe gallstones.. and acting like I was making the severe crippleing pain up, I finally was admitted to hospital and found out it was pneumonia and pluricy. I was kept in hospital 6 days on oxygen and strong anti biotics and released with a further 6 day anti biotics and strong painkillers..7 weeks after it started I was finally able to come off the painkillers as the pain wasnt as constant or crippleing (and I didnt want to be addicted) but now still 3 months on my lungs are tight and rummbleing and I'm still receiving pains in my back/chest, shortness of breath and dizziness. Should I go back to the doctors for tests or is it just somthing that I'm going to have to deal with somehow for alot longer?

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  • You should have been back to see a GP before now. Your GP has obviously intimidated you into believing you are a hypochondriac. Insist that he examines you properly.

  • You are right I was made so much to feel like I was being an inconvenience to the NHS that I feel like I'm wasting there time if I say I want tests done as if I wasn't taken seriously when I was at the worst I've ever been, now I'm a bit better I deffinately don't think they will care. Surely they should automatically book you in for routine tests after somthing like that happens to check on your recovery

    Thanks for the help

  • Totally agree I am finding the care you get with a chronic lung condition condition I have severe copd in the UK has a lot to be desired and a bit of a post code lottery .Hope you feel better soon x

  • No I would go back to see your GP I was admitted to hospital in November was in for three days and discharged with a weeks worth of abs steroids and painkillers then in December I had a chest xray and it had cleared up. Then two weeks after that I handed a sputum sample in and that showed I had another bug. With having the pneumonia jag twice my pneumonia wasn't as bad as it would have been if I did not of had the jag. I know everyone is different but I would go back to see your GP. Take care

  • Thanks for letting me know as no one said much to me about it, I just assumed it was one of those things I had to ride out and get on with things but the fact it's still going on after all this time and ruining my life considering I've been really carefull and given up drinking and smoking since it all, it has started to worry me that it won't go. Glad you managed to get on top of it in the end x

  • Have you been refered to the pulmanoary rehab classes I have been on a few and have my 6 month follow up in two weeks. If you haven't I would ask your GP for a referal. Have you had the pneumonia jag. And flu jag.

  • The first time I had pleurisy I was unwell for over 6 months. So am not surprised that you are still unwell. However my gp at the time was keeping a close eye on me. So I would agree with others about going back to your gp.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • What symptoms did you have with pleurisy? I went to see my gp on Friday because along with the usual chest infection symptoms I have stabbing pains in my chest/lungs. He diagnosed a severe respiratory infection and told me to take my rescue pack. I have to go back to see him on Monday morning. I haven't had the stabbing pains before.

  • Well pain in lungs may be sign of pleurisy as well as being VERY unwell with high temperature and cough and shortness of breath.

    However I would say if you are worse than when you saw gp on Friday you shouldn't wait until tomorrow but should go to a&e!

    Certainly when I was very unwell last year this was what I was advised when gp was seeing me every few days.

  • Good advice above - hello and welcome.

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