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Double pneumonia

Hi , New Year's Day l went to hospital , l had double pneumonia, l nearly died . I also had other problems as well as a bone disease. I want to claim p I p benefits, had a medical and believe l will fail! I still feel so ill from pneumonia, l have a bone problem which is now worse due to complications with DP , how long to recover from pneumonia. Thanks

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HI you have been through the mill haven't you. I have never had pneumonia but have seen others on here say it can easily take a good couple of months before you feel back to normal. It might take you longer because of your other health problems.

As for PIP you wouldn't be able to claim it for the pneumonia, but you certainly can for other illnesses. The criteria is not what condition you have but how it affects you and they use 'desriptors' where you score a certain number of points.

If you are turned down for PIP then appeal, but get help with it from either CAB or a local disability service. x


Thank you , l think the pneumonia would help with pIp in the short term , thanks for your reply , take care


Hi, as a previously fairly well person with asthma (don't have COPD) it used to take approximately 3 months to get over pneumonia. You really have to look after yourself, protect yourself from catching anything else for a while, rebuild your immune system which will be greatly depleted.

I always take a daily capsule of 20 billion good bacteria for 3 months during and after a long stint of antibiotics. Your body will be depleted of everything good.

Take care, Peege

PS insist on the pneumonia jab.


I thank you for taking the time to reply. Yeah l am researching pneumonia now , wow! Tough! I didn't think l would survive and the first week l had to battle to stay alive. The dss, mean as they are have already mentioned when can l return to look for work! I also have a bone disease, but l will be bullied by dss at all and not l am angry l shall fight back and they will lose . I intend to totally embarrass them. It's disgusting


I missed out not, not be bullied 😁


Hi you can amend your post by clicking on the little downward arrow at the bottom of it, edit, then amend it, click edit response. x


Sorry to hear you have been so unwell after having pneumonia. I was dx with community acquired pneumonia last November was in hospital for 3 days had plenty of abs steroids and painkillers. And sent home with a weeks worth of medication. Had a chest extra you in December and it had cleared up. Didn't feel really ill with it. My sats never went below 94. I also had had the pneumonia jag twice once when dx with COPD in 2006 and again in 2015. So I thing with having the jag. I wasn't as bad as I would have been if I had not of had the jag.. Then a 2 weeks after the pneumonia. I had a sputum sample tested and that showed I had cought another bug. It seem to be never ending. Take care xx

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You too x l was due to start a business , l have put that off until next year now x


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