Signs of the times-12

Signs of the times-12

Hope your all well. I'm bit stunned today my "bestest" and oldest mate has just been given some devastating news. He went to his GP because of a lump under his arm. Following CT scan and then a biopsy he has been diagnosed with Melanoma. As you probably are all aware, it is normally just a skin lesion that can be removed. His has unfortunately metastasised and spread. Whilst he has been a sun worshipper, sailor and lifeboat man he assures us that he is mindful of any skin changes.

Whilst we are all rightly concentrating on our breathing issues, don't ignore your moles and freckles.

Take care.

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  • Devastating news Tryfan. I send caring wishes to your friend.

  • Thinking of your good friend Tryfan and wishing him well. Xxx

  • I had three precancerous areas on my chest and I had these frozen off. Need to go back in May to check others. I would suggest that if you are prone to moles and freckles have these looked at and mapped. I have another nine that she wants to keep an eye on.

    I always keep covered now and wear a factor 50. Love the warm weather but play it safe.

    Regards JP

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