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hemogloben with copd

hi everyone...hope your day is going well for you. i am hoping someone can help me understand what might be going on with me. first, i have severe copd (fev1 30% ) on oxygen 24/7 at 2.5 lpm. age 77 , small 100 lbs. i do quite well considering! i was diagnosed in 2006 (fev1 40%). now my hemogloben is low and doc says my kidneys are not working very well. he did not suggest any iron or supplements? did ultra sound of kidney and bladder because is i have microscopic blood in my urine. i know you are not docs but maybe you have heard about this. thanks for listening!🙉

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Just want to say you are doing well for a little un Mooskie! Hope you get help with your problems. Take care xxxx


Hi sorry to read about your troubles.

You need to have strait frank talk with doctors.

GIVEN my experience with my own dad and kidney failular issues he had.

Blood in urine could be loads of issues but as its effecting haemoglobin lets say its kidney.

Your doctor should check You creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and try to fix any issues.

If you let docs do nout thats what they do generally.

AND people like my dad are not offered dialysis as its easer to let them get pneumonia given age pre conditions.

In my view experience i would not make anything easy for them.


thanks for your reply jeff. i will ask doc to do these tests. sounds like you are/were not too pleased with your dad's care. is your

dad still differing?


My dads not differing but doctors did when nearly killed him luckly he's not a sasistic and doing quite well given he's own kidney failular


Glad to hear your dad is doing well. hope he continues to improve.


Hi mooskie, I had blood in my urine and all tests on my kidneys etc came back fine..I am anaemic too. I have to go for another blood test this week.

My husband's kidneys do not work perfectly but he was told its maybe age related .


hi knitter...thanks for responding. yes, the kidneys do "age" as we age but if we have anaemia i think it might be'

more than age. i am so very tired...all i want to do is stay in bed?!


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