The last few mornings and from tea time finding it hard to breath pump not doing anny good nor is the inhalers morning takeing when get up 4 puffs of ventolin as get out of bed then when i get out kichen take all tabs and 2 puffs of my pink pump and then take nib and in that is ventolin and something els and when i go to make coffe 2 more puffs of ventolin and then i do not move for about 2 or three hours but if i do anything i have to take pump with me at all times and by tea time back to squire one and take every thing again even i got to take pumps to bed with me but still breathless and getting wors has any one any ider i have copd what stage never asked all i do know is i lost two sistters with it as well

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  • If your pump is not helping David you should probably see your GP. Or give the BLF nurses a ring tomorrow on 03000 030 555.

  • Hi David, I would advise you to go to your GP if your meds are not giving you relief.

    Please don't suffer unnecessarily. Go to the surgery & see what can be done for you.

    Let us know how you get on please 🌸

  • Hi David do you have a preventer inhaler such as symbicort or Fostair etc. as well as a reliever? I agree with mrsmummy that you need to see your doctor or nurse as taking so much ventolin is a sign that your condition isn't being properly controlled. x

  • Yes i have fostair which i take 2 in morning 2 at night and if i get to bac in the day i will take it again

  • It sounds like the Fostair is either no longer effective enough or the dose needs increasing. See your doctor/nurse.

    Is it possible you have an undetected infection? x

  • Hi, you really need to see your GP.xx Bernadette 😊

  • Hello David,

    You are suffering, and have my sympathy. You must get in touch with your surgery for help.

    Let us know what they are doing to help you.

  • I would see a doctor David just to get checked over. Take care xxxxx

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