PLEURISY pain when will it end

It started about 6 weeks ago and suffering with COPD i thought just another winter infection and saw the practice nurse who put me on amoxicillin, i did mention that these antibiotics don't really work but she insisted, after taken them and feeling rotten because i came up in a rash and some swelling the doctor still insisted oh no not the amoxicillin fault and persist taking them with a antihistamine this i did still getting worse ,chest pains, back pains felt like i had cracked all my ribs and my lungs felt like they were collapsing.

cut a long story short i have now had 4 lots of different antibiotics , 4 lots of steroids x-ray was clear bloods showed an infection but not where , on tramadol the pain in my back and under my ribs is excruciating still coughing crap up, my credo nurse god bless her has calling in twice a week because i can't get to see my own doctor because their inundated and only on an amber level according to the surgery for me to be seen by the hospital because they to are over run .

Well still coughing up crap ,temp going up down sats drop to 86 ,tired all the time pain getting worse nurse thinks pleurisy and im sure there is air in my lungs ,the tramadol only ease it but for long but i'm trying not to take to many so not to become addictive to them.

I would just like to know if anyone else has had this kind of infection and when will it ever end or should i just get my husband to take me to A&E maybe insist on a scan ..

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  • Hi I suffer with this after a chest infection and always on my left side very uncomfortable cramp like pain, I'm sorry to say I can't help you as I never know when it happens to me I get some relief when I lie on my left side hope your feeling better soon

  • This sounds horrible for you. I am glad your nurse is doing her best to help, but you could also try calling the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555) tomorrow and asking for their help. They will advise you and perhaps suggest what your next step should be to try and get rid of this problem.

    Best wishes, Annie

  • Oh Diane, that all sounds awful. Must be horrendous for you to suffer like that!

    Maybe you're allergic to amoxicillin, I know one side effect is a rash & swelling. I'm not a doctor, I'm talking merely from personal experience as that's what happens to my daughter when she takes penicillin.

    I feel you really need to get examined by your GP & get advice from him.

    Hope you get well soon & do let us know how you get on 💐

  • I used to take penicillin regularly for chest infections and did so for many years. Then around 25 years ago now I took one as usual and had the most horrendous reaction. I got a horrible pain in my stomach so severe I was on my hands and knees banging my head on the bathroom floor. My heart was banging wildly and I could hardly breathe. I also turned bright red all over and my skin felt like leather. It was awful.

    It lasted for around 25 minutes then gradually I returned to normal. I knew allergy to penicillin can happen at anytime and have never taken it since.

    I hope you feel better soon you poor thing. Thankfully I have never had pleurisy but know from others how painful it is. x

  • Thank you all for your reply's i will give the BLF a ring for some advice ,I think if only i could sleep with this pain and cough it would help i think ,like i say none of the pain killers work for long , I am also glad that i have a nut intolerance for which without that i would not of had antihistamines in the house and living in a village in the middle of the west country with your nearest hospital 30 miles away could be a life saver.

    I have had pleurisy in the past but only on a small scale of a few days nothing like this that's if what this is and would not wish it on anyone . i have been using my nebs 4 times a day and my oxygen when my sat's drop I will let you all know

    what happens .

    Thank you all again for your kind get well messages x

  • Good luck to you Diane and hope you soon feel lots better. Take care and wishing you well. Xxxxx

  • Best wishes speedy recovery x

  • So sorry to read of your plight and sincerely sympathise - I've had severe pleurisy twice in the same place and it comes back less severely when I'm low or coming down with something. It's dreadful, mine seems tiny compared to yours & I don't have COPD. I have refused amoxycillin for several years now, it has absolutely never worked for me.

    I think that because you are already on O2 you must be on a priority to see a GP. I hope you will ring the help line for guidance on what to say & do next. Wishing you all the best for a good outcome - have they done a sputum test? It would save them money in the long run.

    Thinking of you. Peege

  • Update i am now being checked for Aspergillosis ( mould /fungus ) infection due to the fact my other half works at a animal feed plant and do his washing which is normally covered in dust. They can't give me anymore painkillers as i'm on the highest dose and nothing for sleeping because of my breathing , but i am having my 5th course of steroids and an alternate anti-fungal medication for moulds and fungus .. fingers crossed people .And again all due to my credo nurse being on the ball and pushing for them to do something for me . PLEASE DON'T CUT THEIR FUNDING.

    Will update in a few days if any change.

    Thank you all

  • I've had pleurisy a number of times and yes the pain is excruciating,and does last quite a while ,as for amoxicillin,, ,IN MY OPINION they are a waste of time ,but I always make sure I send a sputum sample in for testing before I start my standby antibiotics ( which I hasten to add have been changed from amoxicillin to Doxycycline) that way they can see which antibiotics are best to clear up the infection ,,,,and it's never amoxicillin,,,,,,, amoxicillin is an antibiotic for multi infections ,,,,hope you soon feel much better ,

  • Hi , l had the same kind of pains. I'm on my second dosage of antibiotics. Pains under my rib cage my back and shoulders. I have a very dry cough. I had a CT scan x-ray which had shown a shadow. But the thought it's the infection. I feel drained most of time and difficulty breathing. Shape pains in the lining of my chest . I had a very high temperature and pulse was racing.

    You really can't explain how terrible it is to people. One of work college said to , seems to be off work a awful long time. The Drs given me two weeks. I have to go back tomorrow. But still on antibiotics and pains in my chest.

  • waiting for CT scan as in the same state as you. Just finished 2nd course of Antibiotics and back to work tomorrow and still got pains under ribcage. All the best for 2moz I have to have return to work meeting & will be honest with them say can't do heavy lifting & take it a bit easier

  • I had pleurisy after getting over walking pneumonia in my right bottom lung, Iwent to the emergency room, but since I did not have a fever and my vitals was good they prescribed me Levaquin antibiotic 750mg for 10 days,after the pneumonia had gone here come the pleurisy and it hurt so badly especially when I breathe, back to the emergency room again and I was prescribed Tramadol for the pain and then told me to do respiratory exercises for my lungs, within 3 weeks I eventually heal that was back in April 2013.... today I'm doing the balloons as well as spirometer with walking exercises can keep my lungs open and moving, I see you're going through a lot but you need to do whatever the doctor says do in order for you to get better... good luck and I wish you well

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