Hi, This is my first post on this site. I am a brit abroad, I live in Arizona. I was diagnosed with COPD about 7 years ago and have noticed a deterioration in my breathing over the last 2years so when I read an article in a local magazine about stem cell surgery I thought I would check it out . Well I trawled the Internet and came up with all kinds of conflicting info some good some not so good, I contacted people who had had the treatment at the clinic and they all (4 of them) said that they had noticed an improvement but I read that many people can get a placebo effect from treatment. As the treatment is not cheap I taught I would ask people on this forum what they thought.The clinic does not claim it is a cure but they do say that it slows the progress of the disease and can bring some improvement , they say some people have been able to come off their steroid inhailers. Has anyone been for this treatment ,I found clinics in Switzerland, Thailand and Russia, on line .what are your thoughts please.

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  • I dont know much about stem cell treatment but i would be totally amazed if anyone diagnosed with a lung disease found their breathing improved with the placebo effect long term

  • HI Mandy6513 thanks for your reply.

    I think what they mean is sometimes psychologicaly some people think they feel some improvement, maybe because they have just paid out a load of cash they have to justify the outlay . Mind you if I felt better by placebo or from the procedure either would be fine. But your right I can't see the placebo effect lasting for very long which is worth bearing in mind. Take care.

  • If you type in stem cell therapy on the search bar at the top right of the page it will show you old posts about this

  • Hi I think this is only experimental and don't think it's been done in the UK yet. There is an American Lung Association so you might get more answers there. x

  • Thanks to all for the feedback and welcome.