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Hi I am new here.

I am looking for support from others who have recurring chest infections. After a double pneumonia three years ago it seems I am susceptible to infections and end up having to take antibiotics each time. I have had both the flu jab and the pneumonia jab but understand that this only covers you for some of the strains of which there are many. In between infections I am healthy and lead an active life style. Now just started another medication co amoxiclav after a week on both amoxicillin and Clarithymysine. I did have very bad chest pains and a high fever a week ago.

I don't have a cough and don't feel too bad this time but have now a bad headache which I am wondering if it is caused by the new antibiotics. Doctor said she could hear a slight crackle still on one side. Tempted to not take the new tablets and see how I go.

Any ideas ?

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I am 2/3rds through my second lot of A/B's in 6 weeks for another ? Chest Infection.

Especially at this time of year, once I get a Chest Infection, I never seem to really get rid of them. barely a week in between. After 4/5 yrs, I'm of the mind that it's par for the course ?

That doesn't sound good. You must be fed up with them.

Hi simps, you don't say how frequently you get infections. You need to be providing a sputum sample so that your GP can give the correct AB for the particular bug you have. The flu and pneumonia jabs will at least protect you from the majority of the strains.

I hope the co-amox works this time - it's given when amoxicillin alone doesn't work. It's my usual AB and has usually worked though often I need 2 weeks of it.

I've also had double pneumonia and thought I was done for, in terms of living any kind of active life I mean. But since then, apart from a cold which didn't touch my lungs, I haven't had any exacerbation at all and the winter of the pneumonia I had 5 bouts of infection and 5 lots of ABs. Im putting it down to increased infection control - hand washing, never touching my eyes or nose, using Vick's First Defence, screening friends and any social situations for people with bugs. I also take turmeric which is now evidence based to boost the immune system (see test on Trust Me Im a Doctor). Of course now I've said this i'll probably go down with something tomorrow, but I hope this might show you that things can sometimes improve.

Do you use first defense as a precaution because im sure i read somewhere it can be used that way rather than waiting till you think you have a cold starting x

I do Mandy. We have a newsagents, so I can't really avoid bugs. I only use about half the recommended as a preventative, but up to now it seems to be working. XXX

Oh money is loaded with germs isnt it ..Ive never even thought about that until now ...You must duck behind the counter when someone comes in the shop sneezing :) x

It's the one's who let their noses drip onto the counter that are the real charmers ๐Ÿ˜‚. I have a good industrial sanitizer constantly at the ready ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. XXX

Yes I do Mandy. I take it if Im going to be in a room full of people, especially people I don't know. And if i forget i take it first thing when i get home. I also use tea tree essential oil on my hands after washing them when i get home as Im likely to have brought stuff in which has germs on it. I find you have to be quite obsessive to avoid infection, and you can't guarantee it anyway. :)

I read it can be used in that way so i have started that myself.....

I also really took on board your comment about hand washing and not touching our eyes an nose etc...I went to Harefield yesterday and my sister came with me and thought it quite funny that i was using antibacterial wipes on all the door handles and chairs and bathroom etc....... ((((We stayed over night ))))..... My room must have been germ free and squeaky clean when we left it :) and will be doing this more often x

GOOD!!! :)

Thank you for your positive reply. I haven't had a bad infection since January. That one lasted for two months and lots of antibiotics. I did do a sample sputum test then but nothing showed up. The infection must have gone even though the symptoms take a while to go.

I will look into the turmeric and remember to also take Echinacea drops as I think they are suppose to also help with immunity.

Good luck in continuing to fight off the winter bugs

And you Simps - you're doing pretty well :)

I was also wondering how you take turmeric. Is it in tablet form from a health shop or do you just use it in cooking ?

Hi Simps999 I have these regularly but since going on Azithromycin 3 times a week I have been lucky to keep them at bay this year,as regards to types of infections a culture is grown from your sputum to tell you which one is the culprit and have an innoculation for that specifically,mine was haemophillis influenzae ,hence being on the long term antibiotic.hope this helps you to ask for the sample to be tested in the path lab and you get a good outcome.

Thank you for the advice. I will talk to my GP about this

I take roxithromycin one a day. This a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic. This seems to protect me against any unwanted flu like germs I may come across through meeting people or whilst out shopping. Seems to work.

Hi Simps999. The following link below has some (many) suggestions on how to minimise exacerbations of COPD. Its almost impossible to do all they suggest but I haven't had any issues now for over 3 years, and I think I have tried about 1/2 of what they suggest. XX Gerald

I have recurrent chest infections. I've had 7 this year. My consultant now wants to look into why I am getting so many. He's asked me to do a sputum sample and has said about doing a chest CT in the future to see if we can reduce the amount that I have.

You must be very fed up with them. Hope you can get some positive help after you get the results.

Still struggling to get better after a month. no infection just some discomfort in back and tightness in chest but not breathless. still no energy for walking.

doctor thinks lungs are over sensitive after infection/ pneumonia. Have been given steroids for 5 days and been on a brown inhaler for a week. Anybody else had this problem. I know it took a few months to get over it before so maybe just being impatient. ?? I am also a worrier so that probably doesn't help.

If I were you, I would have my doctor order a CT Lung Scan. With recurrent chest infections indicates a need to look further for evaluation.

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