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Too much time at hospital!

I'm so fed up. Seem to be spending so much time at one clinic or another, I'm sick to death of the whole thing. Spent 10 days in hospital mid Sept, finally had echo which seemed to how deterioration in aortic valve. Going to see my cardiologist at Bromptn on Thursday. Then yesterday get letter from Brompton with appt for lung function on 7th Dec. then in the afternoon had call from sleep study saying they want to keep me in after function tests and have sleep study. Had these back in June when I spent a week there having sleep studies etc to see what my lungs were doing. I don't usually let my health problems get me down, but really down now. Need a break from hospitals. When I've seen my cardiologist, unless the lung tests are something he has discussed with lung side, will postpone lung tests till new year. Just can't cope at the moment. Feeling quite depressed which is not like me at all

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Big hug. I am feeling like you. I suppose that we should be glad that we have accesss to the help. But itdoes get so depressingly wearing.


I'm not surprised you are feeling down. Earlier in the year when I was really poorly all I seemed to do was go from one medical appointment to the next and can appreciate how draining this can be both physically and emotionally.

Stay strong and know you have friends here who are there for you. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon. Happy to chat anytime. Big hugs coming your way x


Big hugs. Be kind to yourself and do whatever you feel is best for you. I hope that all goes well. Take care. Pam XXX


Sending you big virtual hugs Misuse. I don't think you're on your own - I think many of us feel this way at some time or another. The constant appointments/investigations/treatments can be very draining both phsically and emotionally. I'm lucky enough to have a good gp who recognised this happening to me recently and he's organised some talking therapy for me. It can be difficult talking to family and friends because we know they worry about us and we don't want to put more worry on to them. I do hope that you too can get the support that you need to help get you through this difficult time x


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