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Thought I would pass this information on, off on holiday soon to Lanzarote, so the question of insurance had to be addressed. After many quotes anything from 200 to 400 pounds for seven days, was the norm, then a friend suggest I try Columbus insurance, after declaring copd, emphysema, high blood pressure heart failure, high cholesterol, three bouts of antibiotics, piuse one bout of Pneumonia, was pileasantly surprised that it came back at under £97, the downside is The excess is £150, and holiday cancellations not covered, but if like me you book holidays very late within a week of travel, or bargains like a couple of days before, this could be the insurance for you.

Hope you find this information helpful


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  • thanks for that

  • Thanks for posting; it may come in handy next year. X

  • Yes, very useful, many thanks Peter :)

  • I will certainly give that a try. Thankyou

  • Very helpful to know with PF. Thank you.

  • Thanks Peter, most insurances have a excess now anyway. I just found one with no excess from Just Insure I think it was called one recommended by BLF. Very reasonable.

  • Thanks for that info. Very useful indeed!

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