8% chance of Chemotherapy working

Hello everyone I am new on here, September 12th this year I had a left lobe lung bottom half removed , there were 2 cancers present, so for me best quick way to deal with problem , have it surgically removed, I am now recovering from home 3 weeks now, only recently have I been back to hospital for a meeting with the chemotherapy team as I was always told this would always happen even with the surgery. Latest meeting was told only 8% chance of Chemotherapy working, at present I am told I do not have cancer, but this chemotherapy is like a safeguard extra protection, proposed cycles 4 over 3 months, starting in December as at present I am not fit enough, I have been told of the side effects , it seems to be a difficult 3 months for me if I decide to go ahead , I have been told with or without chemotherapy that there is a chance of 50% of the cancer returning anyway, I have been given the option of Chemotherapy with a only 8% chance of this working, but as I said earlier I do not have cancer now, so how will I ever know this has worked, hoping for other people to respond with simular issues as mine, I have 2 weeks to decide whether to go ahead or not, thanks

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  • How awful for you and I don't envy you your decision. You might get more replies on the lung cancer site here. It's called the Roy Castle site. x

  • Hello Guy59, I hope you're recovering from your surgery and are beginning to feel more like yourself.

    There are people here who've had lung cancer and one of them may be along soon. There are also other HU sites specifically for lung cancer patients, though I think this one is brilliant.

    I don't have your issues. I have had treatment for cancer and personally think if you go for treatment then go for the whole package, regardless of statistics. Grab anything that's on offer, provided you're well enough. If not, might you not wonder how things would have been if you had?

    Not an easy decision, but there are always people about ready to chew things over. And I hope you've got family support?

    Take care and keep in touch,

    Sue x

  • Hi Guy59, I think the best thing to do here is to communicate with people who have gone through what you need to make a decision about.

    The final decision is yours but if you have good advice at least you can make a balanced decision.

    My very best wishes to you Guy.

    Regards JP

  • difficult decision to make and get your head round every thing but wish you good luck with what you decide to do ,

  • Hi guy i would ask about immuntherpy why i talk of that absent.

    Given persentages sound like they know what C cell type is.

    I know its horrable but dont let them cheap out on you.

  • HI, from what information i gained from immuntherpy looking on the Web, it seems the cost would be thousands of pounds, is this being used now by the NHS ,


  • Lot of cancer doctors have new drug prescrition powers

    This few up down country SO i would ask am great beliver in if dont ask dont get.

    Dont worry about your doctors feeling's he will never feel like you.

  • in your shoes i would look at the use of safe cannabis oil in treating cancer

    try Rick Simpson site for starters

  • Hi Guy, I had an upper left lobectomy in Jan 2013. I was supposed to have chemo after the op but at the time I should have begun it, I still wasn't fit enough (recovery took longer than usual because lung kept unsealing at top and bottom). I was told at the time by the oncologist that the chemo is only effective for 5% of people. Perhaps the odds have increased since then... Anyway, although I was very worried about not having it (whilst at the same time being relieved I wasn't having it 🙂) those worries have gradually decreased over time. Almost 4 years on and, touch wood, although I've had a couple of scares along the way, I have had no re-occurence. Whatever you decide, make sure it's the decision that is best for you. Best wishes for your recovery, and long may it continue. x

  • HI

    I am happy for you that the cancer has not returned, odds for me are 8% with yours being 5% which are very low, thank you so much for replying to me ,

  • Sorry can't help with your decision but just for information, I had the bottom lobe of my left lung removed in Feb 2009 due to cancerous tumour. I was never offered chemo afterwards & to date (hopefully) no return of the cancer. Good luck x

  • I had 1 right lung removed 11 years ago and like you had the talk about Chemo even though there was no evidence of anything left behind. I was also told it was a precaution and a kind of mop up service! Well had 1 intravenous and i course of tablets and felt like total sh** ... and as weak as a kitten and worse than I felt after having the main operation. So they decided it was doing me no favours and after a total of 3 weeks was taken off the chemo. Phew ! since then I have felt fine and had regular scans up till 5 years then 1 year then another 5 and still here. The chemo is nasty I won't say otherwise but if it keeps everything in there spick and span it is worth the small amount of time it will take to do that. The choice is yours .... all the best x

  • Guy59

    Do take a look at 'The Truth About Cancer Quest' by Ty Bolinger.

    There is much that we are not told and should be.


  • There are various types of chemo available, some with awful side effects, others with few. My late husband was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer earlier this year. We were told chemo might buy him a little more time. Then we found out what the side effects were, and the dangers because he had two large aneurysms. He refused the chemo as he didn't want to be feeling ill during the limited time he had left.

  • HI just to let you all know I have decided to go ahead and have chemotherapy, starts in middle of November. That was a difficult descion to make.

  • Started my chemotherapy today , have been put on sreroids for 4 days, this was 10 hours ago, but am told side effects can come up to 5 days in , at present I feel ok

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