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Infection and IPF

Well I'm in hospital with a nasty chest infection I have I'm have a rough time of it and the pain is just awful in my lungs but the nurses and doctors are taking great care of me I don't know how long I will be here but I'm guessing until the antibiotics and steroids decide to kick in. It's hard for a healthy person to cope with a chest infection bit with someome like us with IPF it certainly takes its toll

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So sorry to hear how awful you feel, but at least you're in the best place to get the infection sorted, #ejbid . Hope you feel a lot better really soon.


Get well soon ejbid and thinking of you. Love and hugs. Xxx


Good morning ejbid,

Here's hoping you will feel the benefit of the medication very soon. It can be isolating being in hospital even though the staff are dedicated to getting you well and up and away as soon as possible! Joking :-D It is such a caring profession to want to be a part of - I know I could not face what they do on a daily basis. Hope there are others to chat to in your ward to help keep your mind off being so poorly.

Get well very soon.



get well soon


Get well soon mate. ((Hugs))


Hope you feel better very soon.


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