Have you watched

The cat versus dog programme on BBC 2 it is in two parts. In the first part the cat is in the lead.

It seems that dogs are more intelligent whilst cats have better hearing and sight.

Oh and dogs have a better smell sense.

Dogs are excellent pets but they do require more 'hands on' than cats.

To me though the clincher is that dogs are noisy and sometimes dangerous. Yes yes I know about it is not the dog it is the owner syndrome. But ALL dogs are descended from wolves and it is in their DNA. It is not just large dogs that are dangerous i remember well a pack of Jack Russells killing a school boy.

I think that dogs make excellent police, guard and sniffer dogs but no no as a pet

I will now put on my bullet proof vest and addidas running shoes.....ha ha


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  • Hi

    If it's in the DNA then cats come from Tigers, sweet gently things.🐆🐆😺😺

  • Stone I know that all dogs from your dachshund to your Rottweiller are descended from wolves.

    I thought that all cats including lions and tigers are descended from wild cats... four or five species I believe.


  • You will need them

  • Do get those running shoes ready gus. Our cat aged 18 had become quite deaf now. We love her though.

    Dogs do make great, loyal Pets but people sometimes need educating before owning one. Xxx

  • yes Gus put it on...you have just become the most unpopular member on this forum. ..😨

    I knew it wouldn't take you long to get there...😂

    it's been nice knowing you🙋

  • Oh God i take it all back.

    Did not the Lord Jesus say he who repents shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever. So thank you for forgiving me.

    That should do it.


  • forgive you....😂😂😂

  • Well my 15 pounder thinks she is a panther at times! Her hissing and growls have turned to barks a few times. Both weird and scary coming from a cat. She doesn't do well with my grand kids. Back away slowly... ;)

  • Now Peteybob I am trying to work out 15 pounds. I think it is about 7 kilos. Is that not a trifle large for a cat. Or is that a normal size?


  • I'd say she is about as large as a house cat can be that hasn't much fat. She is mostly muscle and a handful at times. Or should I say I get a handful of playful claws at playtime.

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