Mid-night ramblings! 'The retirement boat's gone off course'

'Where are you going, my Dearheart?' "I'm on the retirement boat.

Why don't you jump on board with me? We can both go off for a float"

We can sail on the world's greatest oceans. Vast countries and continents see.

We'll do what we like til we want to come home. Oh, PLEASE will you do it with me?"

'Of course I'll come with you, my Dearheart. We'll roam til there's no more to see.'

"What a wonderful time we'll be having when you are retired with me."

'This boat seems to have a slight wobble. The engine's developed a squeak.

My vertigo's gone into overdrive and my chest needs a bit of a tweak.'

"The boat's gone off course, my Beloved, on an ocean so far and so wide

But you'll be ok with your Dearheart always here, right by your side.'

'I thought we'd see exotic places and spend days lying out in the sun.

I wasn't expecting to see A&E, but oh, A&E, here I come!'

"Don't worry, I'm right here beside you. You're going to be fine, so they say.

Your life span's not yet to be shortened, not even by one single day."

'But what if they're wrong, my Dearheart? Then what are we going to do?'

"We'll sit and we'll plan it together, and, meanwhile, I'll look after you!"

'But what if you want to go travelling and see all the sights we have missed?'

"Don't worry, Beloved, it's no problem. I'll sit here and get quietly pissed!"

'Now that just won't do, my Dearheart. You need to get out and about.

I can manage some time here without you. If I need some help I will just shout!

This boat that we're drifting around on has stopped in a different place.

Not the one that I thought we would land at. This one goes at a different pace.

I've noticed the sunshine seems brighter and the songs of the birds are a joy.

The colours and hues of the flowers are as bright as our grandson's best toy.

The sound of the wind in the bushes, the smell of the strawberries ripe

The twinkle of stars in the moonlight - the urge of a poem to type!

They are things we'd have missed, my Dearheart, if we'd taken the scenic tour.

How much nicer to find such pleasures right here by our own back door.

But YOU may need to test out the water - a dip in the retirement sea.

Please go, if you need, for a wander and please don't fret about me.

I'm tough as old boots in the middle. I'll survive what life throws out at me.

You can visit me here in the harbour, but please sail that retirement sea!'

Written last night following yesterday's visit to the consultant. For my own 'Dearheart' who would hate to be called by that name!

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Love it. Brilliant. Can we copy it and send it on, with acknowledgements, of course?

And there are others?

Please post them.

We need them.

Love hugs and thank you so much.

Kate xxxx

Please feel free to share! I'm glad you like it. xx Moy

Excellent MoyB and very well thought out.

Our retirement boat sailed without us

Couldn't wait around you see

We sit in the garden and ponder

My dear Pete and me

What have we really missed out on?

Do you have regrets dear? No, nor me.

We have each other to care for

And our amazing close family.

Enjoy what you have everyone. Xxxxxx

Dear, dear Sassy. Spot on. Both of us, in an ideal world, this is not what we would have chosen. Spinal injuries, and my lungs put paid to a retirement of walking, mountain climbing, cycling. But... But.... But... We are so, so very lucky.

Kate xxxx

Indeed we are Kate.

Lots of love xxxx ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Great, says it all. X

Excellent, and resonates with me, as now very restricted. I did a bit of travelling when I could, and do get frustrated, but trying to learn to accept my limitations. Will read your poem when frustrations get too great. Thanks MoyB. Jean

Beautifully put, Moy! Don't think such a touching poem could possibly be associated with "tough as old boots in the middle.."

Very moving...

Tee xx

Moy that's brilliant and so meaningful, thank you. I will write it down if that's ok then read it when the chips are down. Would copy and paste but don't know how! Xx

Of course you can write it down if you think it will help! I'm glad you found it meaningful. It really was a mid-night rambling - some where around 2 in the morning to be accurate - couldn't get it out of my head so had to write it down.

If you want to copy and paste, open up a new word document first and minimise it. Then hold your cursor down and drag over the words. Then right click on the highlighted area. Go back to the new word document and right click to bring up paste options. Left click on Paste and voila! You should have it without all the effort of scribbling. Good luck!

Brilliant put everything in to words Jeaniexx

Well I for one was pleased you had a mid-night ramble! Right going to have a go at copying and pasting so thank you for that, must learn! Xx

@MoyB. I cannot tell you how much your poem touched me.No matter where we went, or what sights we saw over the years, there would always have been more highways calling us. Will read this often, especially in times of sadness for the loss of freedoms. Thank you , Polly x

So beautiful and moving. All of those fortunate to have a beloved and dearheart in your lives- hug them long and tight!

I hug him every day!!! And, yes, I feel very fortunate. He's wonderful. Thank you for your comment. x Moy

Very good, thanks

What a lovely poem, it resonated with me. My beloved died before we got to do the things we had planned. To all of you who have a partner, make the most of him/her while you can.

They are to be treasured, indeed! And every day is a bonus, as you rightly remind us. I'm sad to hear you lost your beloved before you got chance to do things together. I hope you have happy memories to look back on too. xx Moy

Hi MoyB, That is brilliant! You are so very talented. Would love to see more of your work Hope you'll favor us with some.๐Ÿ˜Š Another brilliant writer amongst us! โ˜บRubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š

There are certainly some talented writers on here and I'm chuffed you feel I warrant a place in the line up! Thank you! xx Moy


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