Walking up a very steep hill agh

Morning everyone. I started my bank worker job this week (like temp worker) and where i park my car is up a very steep hill. Didn't realise how steep it was till i left work on Tuesday and had to walk right up the top of the hill. My Gosh it almost killed me walking ten mins up this hill i got into my car and almost collapsed! I'm sure my Copd is getting worse - it is a very steep hill but i was panicking thinking i was going to collapse my breathing was terrible i couldn't get any air in it was scary! So yesterday i took my symbicort beforehand (only normally take it morning and night 400 ) i was still breathless and due to the heat when i got into the car i almost fell into the drivers seat with door wide open trying to get air! Considering i walked 10 hours on the Samarian gorge in Crete - and was doing Zumba last month was quite scared that I'm getting much worse ? Any ideas ? My meds are 400 symbicort twice daily and spireva once a day plus my ventolin inhalers

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  • pepparuby1 I'm no expert but do u think you might have an infection or at least go see your doc or nurse best wishes Kathy x

  • Thanks for that i will get it checked out

  • Get it checked out pepparuby. No harm in doing that. Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Pepparuby

    Have a word with your GP, your are on Meds but he may be able to tweak them.

    The Humid weather hasn't helped many people with lung conditions to breathe easily this week, and anxiety will make it worse.

    Can you not have a word with occupational health at work to see if you can have a closer parking space, they should arrange this for you.

    Copd is progressive but you can usually slow it down, with a health lifestyle, regular exercise and the right Meds.

    No offence meant but Perhaps you need to build up your fitness level...have you asked your GP about going on a course of PR .

    But as you have stated it was a very steep hill, and l think that would leave most of us breathless.

    I wish you well


  • I'm a bank worker so no benefits whatsoever regarding parking - i coul take a train and i know this assignment is covering for someone else so it's not permanent at that branch.

    PR I Have asked for this am on waiting list but in London it seems it's forever waiting maybe i'll make that appointment and get them see why it's taking two years! Regular excercise yes yes yes whilst i wasn't working i did Zumba twice a week but don't have time now however my plan in September is to work part time whilst I'm finishing my degree so i think i really do need to be getting fit on the days i can

  • Hi pepparuby

    Perhaps your 2 year wait may be down to your GP being limited to referring others who are not as fit as you.

    A 10 hour walk in Crete and twice weekly Zumba classes are take a high level of fitness.

    If you are only temporary at that branch, hopefully you will gradually get used to the hill.

    If you feel as if you have got worse suddenly, see your GP

  • Thanks for this i may actually not be well at the moment not realising it have a cough today so certainly will get it checked

  • Hi Pepparuby, I would think you could manage the hill, after doing that 10 hr. walk. No place else you can park? I would suggest using the Ventolin inhaler. That would be quick acting . What stage copd are you? Do you know your fev1? Hills can be managed, by gradually getting used to them. I have a couple I walk on.They gave me trouble at first. But, I worked my way up to going to the top. You don't sound like your copd is that bad. I would try to park else where, use the Ventolin, and work on the hill.Good luck to you.😊 Rubyxx 😊

  • Thank you - yes there are other roads that are not up the hill but about 15 minutes walk but I'm thinking that would be better. I am moderate Copd don't know what fev i am but thanks ruby x

  • You sound as though you enjoy pushing yourself to the limit unfortunately now you have to pace yourself,it's not a bad thing,just adjust your target. I used to walk in the highlands in Scotland and much like yourself pushed myself to the limit and loved it,nowadays I walk on the beach,still tough in my condition but I still get satisfaction in achieving the distance I set myself,I would suggest take your time until you figure out a target time to get up this bedamned hill then after a while try and cut a SECOND or two of that time.Slowly,very slowly change the target time.

    I don't know if this will help but it takes a change of mindset,I found it tough but well worth it in the end. Hoping to hear how you get on.☺

  • Thank you - i do know if i try it every day i may not be feeling like i need to collaspe

  • I truly believe you will

    Remember small targets at first

  • I don't do hills if I can help it. I had no choice in June this year, I coughed so hard I put my back out. But,if this level of difficulty is unusual for you, get it checked out. I think you need Salbutamol to give you guick relief, not the Symbercort. X

  • PB hills are just a big no-no when your breathing is compromised. I would not walk up a steep hill as I'd be gasping for breath after 60 seconds. There must be some way around it that you can work out. Public transport, maybe have someone drop you off and collect you ? If all fails and there is no way you can get around this steep hill, then maybe you'd be best advised to look for another job.

  • Hello. That sounds horrendous. I Herbst when going up stairs. I shun hills and just won't do them for fear of fainting! Everyone has made such great suggestions already. I just want to say I hope you can find better parking and do talk to your doctor soon. Hang in there!

    Cas xx 🌸

  • Yes I'm going to park further away but will book go appointment too

  • I find if I use my inhaler 15-20 mins before I do anything that works better for me :)

    although I still huff and puff going up hills

  • What I do when tackling hills is to slow right down and if possible zig zag from side to side whilst walking up - it seems to help a bit - might be all in my mind but it seems to reduce the feeling of steepness, if you know what I mean lol :), not sure that I've explained it very well :). Also, stop for a rest as many times as you need to, pace yourself and don't feel like you have to do it all in one go. xx

  • I know this sounds stupid but I do it - walk up the hill backwards for part of the way- then swap to normal/forward.

    Maybe it's psychological, but it works for me!

    Also breathe in and out through nose, not mouth!

  • Hi it doesn't sound stupid if it helps you that must be a good thing. I just avoid hills as much as I can. Take care x

  • Heck i was thinking can i go up backwards - ok if i do end up

    Parking on the hill i'll try backwards - goodness knows what people will think eh but heck i don't care

  • djdj,thats not daft I too do the same. Who cares if its in the mind or not as long as it works. xx

  • If you really have no alternative route, I would suggest allowing more time to get up the hill. Then take it VERY slowly. A few steps then rest to get your breath back for the next few steps. There might even be a wall you can have a rest on.

    If however, this breathlessness is something new, I agree with the others. It sounds to me as if you have an infection. This would indeed make hill climbing a big problem. I find stairs and hills a problem, but can walk a couple of miles on a flat surface.

  • Thank you and yes i do have an alternative there are roads further along where i can park that are not on this hill - a bit further to walk i have to say but it's mainly flat land

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