Hot weather post!

It is a funny thing this weather, lots of folk struggling with their breathing ?

However it has been the best thing for me, after months of difficulty, the sunshine and heat over the last 3 days have been magic!

I have been able to drop the nebulisers and my lung health has got itself back to 'normal' feeling great and no hyper responsive airways -sheer bliss!

Long may it last!

Breathe easy folks!

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  • How lovely polly and good to hear the heat is helping you. Xx

  • Hi Polly,

    Great news for you.

    today was much better for breathing as a slight breeze. I don't really know what is the right weather. we are all so different, thank goodness!)

    keep well. Jean. xx

  • Hi Polly,

    Glad it's helping you. I'm still keeping going but it does feel like my personal sumo wrestler has put a few pounds on (He's the one who sits on my chest throughout the day & night ensuring that my breathing is a little harder).

  • Hope it last for you

  • That's great for you Polly...l am like you, l love this sunshine and heat.

    More, more , more please


  • PollyP im the same haven't used my Ventolin for a week this sun give me energy more more please x

  • Nice to share your good news.

  • That's such good news PollyP, I'm really pleased to hear it. I've been thinking of you in the last few days and wondering how you are. Penelope xxx

  • Hi Penelope,

    Yes good progress here at last!!! New meds working ok and well enough now to pushing on through to resume social activities.

    There is a great respiratory exercise group now in Gloucester and pleased to have had the go ahead 3 weeks ago to join that-it makes so much difference!

    Hope all is good with you?

    Much love,


  • Maybe you are low or deficient in vitamin D ?

    85% of us here in Uk are either low or deficient in their vitamin D bloods.

    Vitamin D3 is anti inflamatory.

    Vitamin D is known to help lungs.

  • Ok, thanks for that information, definitely needed in the winter I think!

    Is it something you use? And how much should we take?


  • My family and friends take a (safe) dose of 5000iu D3 daily along side another anti inflamatory K2 100mcg, they go well together. taking D3+k2 and also vit A (retinoic acidvitamin A) has helped my husband's asthma, he feels he no longer needs his inhalers, last used over two months ago and has also helped my Mum's COPD, she has far less breathing problems.

    Not saying these vitamins will help everyone as we are all different.

    Ps. Vitamin A the one with retinoic acid in it, in mice trials, helped mice create new air sacs.

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