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Hi to all you lovely lot!

I hope you're all keeping as well as can be.

Well, my mum has been on the home oxygen for about two weeks and after trying several different options, I think she's found the cylinders she prefers! She wasn't fond of the concentrator unit as she didn't like the noise it made or the extreme heat it gave off. She's not a massive lover of the Inergen portable concentrator as although the nurse said it should last up to 4 hours when it's fully charged, today it went from 89% to 24% in an hour then turned itself off. She likes the portable cylinders, but the smaller ones due to the weight of them, but they only last an hour and a half, so not practical if we're out for a while. She was given the option of trying the liquid oxygen, so I'm after any advice on this type and whether it's worth her trying.

She had her Electrocardiogram this morning, so she's got to wait a couple of days for the results. Hopefully, all is okay, so we have everything crossed.

The nurse that came round today as well was very pleased with the results of her blood test (blood taken from her ear). Her oxygen levels were 96 (that's with being on Oxygen at 1lpm, her blood sugars were very good (she's diabetic) and the carbon dioxide was very good, so all in all, good results which put a smile on my mums face.

We just need to up her exercise. She does get a little out of breath when walking and when she does, she panics a little as she thinks she's going to keel over, however, the nurse reassured her today, that by getting out of breath, it is in fact strengthening the lung and heart muscles, so whilst it can be frightening, it is in fact doing you good. I'll make sure I take her out for a walk every day and increase the distance each couple of days as I'm determined for there to be an improvement in all her results when the nurse next comes in 6-8 weeks time. It's still all 'work in progress'!

Take care everyone xxxx

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  • Hi

    Liquid oxygen require a suitable place for the dewar main tank. No stairs, you have to be able ti fill your own flask, depending on make and model the flask weigh from 2.2kg to above 3 kg ( same weight as large cylinders). The biggest problem could be filling the flask, they also leak ( evaporate )

    The link is for Air Liquide scroll to bottom for instructions on filling flask.

    Further information from Bayswater

  • The liquid cylinders may be lighter than the air ones but can be difficult to fill, especially for anyone in the least frail. As your mum is only using 1 lpm perhaps they would supply her with a portable oxygen concentrator? A Focus for example. Many oxygen suppliers now give this option. Check it out here.

  • Hello - my husband has done all that juggling around too! He used to use the small cylinders and got a conserver to go on them which almost doubled how long they lasted. It was great for going out, so if your mum hasn't tried using a conserver, it might be worth a go.

  • Hi Northernfi, where do you get conservers from? I am on oxygen 24/7 and I would prefer the smaller ones which I have but because they only last for about an hour 1/2 I don't use them very often.

  • Our respiratory nurse arranged for us to get one. She suggested it when we realised how many 'refills' we had to take with us. They are easy to use and make such a difference. Hope you can get fixed up with one soon xx

  • I know this has been said before, but if she can get referred to Pulmonary Rehab, it will help with her exercise and her confidence

  • Hi

    I have a contraption which looks like (and proberly is) a case trolly on which to carry my cylinders around, it was provided by Baywater. It may help your mum with exercising.

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