Can anybody explain the following to me please.

Since being put on to RELVAR inhaler,I find I am coughing and getting gunk up off my chest.

I was always led to believe that if this happens you should be aware that you may be in for a chest infection,and therefore start your rescue pk.

I've been like this for weeks now.

I never,ever used to have a productive cough,apart from when I had an infection.

I'm wondering if my new meds has loosened it all.I am breathing much better than I was.and my pf improved after just 2 weeks of being on it.

Any ideas anyone.?

Thank you


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No idea as I'm not familiar with the medication but if you're getting up gunk and your breathing is better, then those surely are good signs.

What colour is the gunk? If clear/white/yellowish it won't be an infection. If its green/brown it could be, but still may not. If you've not got other symptoms/temperature, infection is unlikely. It may be a reaction to the medication, worth a discussion with the respiratory nurse IMO.

Soul saver.

It's green😝


I'd book an appointment with the nurse/doc. They may give you a pot to cough & spit in for a lab test. If it's been 'literally' weeks should get it checked.

Sounds like an infection. There are some inhalers though that can cause respiratory infections as a side effect - check out the small print.

Common side effects:


Upper respiratory tract infection



Candidiasis of mouth and throat

- and scroll down to the table,

Thanks toci.

I was just reading up on this med.

It has made me very nervous about taking it.

Although saying that,my breathing has improved.

I'm not sure what to I go see my nurse next week and express my concerns?

Thank you.x

I was put on inhaler you had AND same thing word for word happened to me BREATHING was amazing but what's point if infections kill ya.

So got rid and just going to have a pop of it no and again AS I reverted back to my old inhaler

Hi jeffajaxsmith.

I've been told it's not the meds that are causing it,so just carry on.


I was feeling same as you SO I opted to stop and go back to what I knew .. Two curses of antibiotics it took to get rid of my cough.

If you cough as gone with antibiotics I would go back tell em it's not for you at this time.

Is shame really as I found could breath better using it BUT I can't keep geting infections when am already on maintenance antibiotics

You need to continue with your meds including rescue pack, but also contact your GP and tell him you would like to have your sputum tested. This will indicate which exact antibiotic you need, get it and take it. This is the normal path to recovery.

They don't do testing at my gp surgery.

Never have.x

If you have a chest infection, you must insist one one!

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