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I live in the U.S. and we have terrible drug plans and outrageous prices. My drug plan does not cover spiriva or any of the other inhalers I need, so I have been ordering from All Day Chemists which are based in India. There have been some bad reviews about them; has anyone taken their inhalers or any other meds and had any problems? I'm worried that I could be doing my lungs damage. Actually, I've had more infections this past year that have lasted weeks or months than ever before. I also have allergies and asthma in addition to the COPD, which for the most part had been under control except when I get a cold or virus.

Thanks for any help,


Asheville, N.C.

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  • Hello. Sorry your having problems. Our drugs all come via the NHS and Antibiotics, pumps etc have to be prescribed, so we wouldn't buy off online chemist, although there are some reputable ones. Cant you ask someone which ones are ok.

    Kim x

  • Thanks for replying. There is a website I found where there are endorsements for reputable ones. I don't know what to do, as I have quite a large stock of meds from All Day Chemist.

    It's such a racket here in America with health insurance and prescription drugs. They try to say that universal health plans in England and Europe are inferior, blah, blah. I know for a fact that your health care is much superior as I have friends in England, and myself had to go to an ER there once for an accident while visiting and believe me, there is no comparison as to the care there as to care in the U.S.

  • I've personally had wonderful treatment via NHS. I know what its like in America my nieces husband has just had a heart attack and it cost $9,ooo a day to be in hospital he has know idea how they will afford the drugs he needs, they don't have any insurance.

    Kim xx

  • That's how most middle class people in America end up bankrupt! I hope he can get help with Medicaid. Blessings,


  • As much as I hate it, the health plans here are inferior to many other countries. Prices for medications in the USA are ridiculous. when the same medication is one half or less in cost in any other country. A couple years back some groups of seniors traveled to Canada to buy their prescriptions at half or less what it cost here. When the major drug companies found out, they actually threatened to cut off drug supplies to Canada if they sold to Americans..

    It is ridiculous that the medical professions and drug companies are only interested in monitoring a patients condition and doing long term drugs. Drugs that alone could cause more problems than you start with,. The Drug companies and doctors are only interested in the Money thney make off your eventually dying.

    Many illnesses can be treated and cured, if they go after the problem and stop just looking to mask the symptoms.

    Ralph B.

  • Gemlady: good to meet you. My sister lives in the US and is an American. She reports that in her area, doctors dont do house visits, or community nurse visit. . Any problems - go to the emergency department. I think we must be fortunate in this country but then it is more densely populated and not so much driving.

  • House visits? That went out with the flood. Yeah, the health care here is expensive and inefficient. Does your sister ever think of moving back? If I had that option, I would.

  • Sister met Nick during WW2, and married very young but it is a long and successful marriage. She lives in Md and both are in their 90s. I have many happy memories of Wsh.DC, Chesapeake Bay XX

  • Oh, I have a friend, Eunice who also met her husband during the war in England and married young. He recently died at the age of 84. She is 79 and still beautiful and lives in Asheville, N.C. for many years. She has lupus and uses lots of homeopathics.

  • Think we could talk plenty but better to PM or meet on FB XX

  • Oh, I didn't know we could do it. I"ll check it out! Thanks

  • I understand from the USA that if you have lots of dosh then there then you will get medical treatment which is the envy of the world. But if you are poor then you can die on the streets and no one cares. I thank God for our wonderful NHS. x

  • Or if you are middle class and have a serious illness, then you can say goodbye. Most bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical bills that people cannot afford to pay. And the govt. has stopped giving bankruptcies (only the rich can get away with all the loopholes)

    Yes, thank God for your NHS

  • I remember meeting an English lady on the beach and we were chatting away about this. She said she and her family were living in Texas for many years and her father got a serious illness. She said they deliberately refused to give a diagnosis so the insurers wouldn't have to pay out. They waited until they were ruined financially before they did. She said it happens a lot over there. x

  • Big risk to take buying prescription medications on line but you seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Think you should do as much research as you can, on the suppliers. As for 'them' saying our healthcare is inferior - well, even if they were right - it would still be far better than their non existent healthcare. Hope you're able to find a way of making sure that you get the good stuff. Wishing you good luck.

  • Thanks,

  • Hi Gemlady - Ive mentioned All Day Chemist on here before. I live in the U.K. but first came across ADC when i was on the EFFORTS site (emphysema) which is a U.S. site. Maybe you know them. Members often seemed to use ADC, it was the main online site outside the U.S. I saw mentioned and no-one I saw complaining. But this was when i was first diagnosed so well over 10 years ago. You would probably get some informed answers there.

  • Oh, I never heard of that site. I didn't know I had COPD 10 yrs. ago; I had asthma, so I have a few co-existing conditions! I will check it out. Thanks much for the info.

  • Me too, the asthma i mean - had it since my 20s so just thought it had got worse before i was dxd with the copd 15 years ago.

    You may have seen now but Efforts stands for Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive. All the best :)

  • We use canadapharmacyonline It is usually cheaper. But even if it isn't much

    cheaper it saves us from going into the donut hole. They carry some generics that are not available in the USA.

    They are easy to work with and have a pretty good turn around. You do have to send a prescription [fax, email or postal] But our Dr's have never had a problem with giving us a written one. they know why we need it.

  • Thanks. This is helpful. Anything has to be cheaper than $1200 for 3 mo. supply of Spiriva alone, never mind the salbuterol or the rescue inhaler

    I read to be careful of sites where you didn't require a prescription (such as ADC).

  • We have have used the Canadian pharmacy and ADC for over 9 years ever sense I was on a $500 a month drug for breast cancer. ADC offered a generic which was not available in the states for a lot less money I was on it for 6 years

    My Doc had a number of woman on it and was happy with the testing that came back

    My husband now had emphysema and we use which ever one of them offers the med he needs we're happy with both

  • Oh, thanks soooo much!!! I take it you live in the States?

  • And, I take it you are in remission! And good luck to your hubby too.

  • I wouldn't take drugs from a pharmacy that you are not sure of especially when they don't appear to have a very good reputation.

    Most if not all drug companies in the US have programs to help those who can't afford the medications they need and I think you should check out these programs. On the bottom of the page for Spiriva at the link below it says

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance

    If you or someone you know needs help paying for medicine, click here.

    If click on it it takes you to this website and you can contact them or review the information and hopefully you will qualify and may even get your prescriptions for no cost. These programs are there to help those you need it so please take advantage of it.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  • Well, I'll try, but I don't think I'll qualify. I have a drug plan which costs $25 a mo. and it doesn't cover any of the drugs I take. It did at first, then dropped them. If I had to pay for the three inhalers, it would cost me close to $1000 a month. I'll give it a shot. Thanks again.

  • Gemlady12 could you contact me I have a box of spiriva spare I know your not suppose to share meds but I would rather someone made use of them than me throw them away, I don't always take them when my chest is ok, I'd rather try and manage without meds, that's why I have a spare box and it's unopened xx

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