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Non stop mucas all day and night

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Have Pseudomonas in sinus and lungs and willbe getting IV drug,Meropenum in a few days to adminster in my new Port (first time) for 10-14 days, But mucas draining all night even with raised bed head raised, going thru box of cleanx in bed every night and day,

Feeling very infected but the contant mucas draining is tthe worst part, makes me sneekze.

Any help? Thank you.

15 Replies
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Hi Lapis, it's bedtime here so I'm sure you'll have you'll have more replies in the morning ×××

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It’s horrible isn’t it, sounds as if your pseudomonas has really got out of hand. But Meropenem is a really effective antibiotic for it and I’m sure it’ll start drying out your lungs quite quickly, so just hang on in there. Meanwhile drink plenty and keep coughing it up - I know it’s exhausting but it’s all you can do. When are you starting your course?

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Hi Lapis5. The amounts of mucus when we have an exacerbation is horrible and exhausting. Hopefully 14 days of metopenem will reduce it. Don't forget that you need to keep emptying your lungs whether you have large or small amounts of mucus. Whilst you are waiting to have the IV make extra efforts to get rid of it. Have sessions several times during the day when you do your breathing exercises and move it out. Cough it out into the toilet. Pay special attention and spend longer before you go to bed. Hopefully this will make life a little easier.

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I had an exacerbation this past week (which is Nothing compared to those bad gram neg boys you are dealing with!) but I used Flonase (ipatroprium bromide) nasal spray which really helped me sleep. It is the first time of almost 10 years of icky lung stuff, that I felt I had a handle on my night coughing. So if your doc says a nasal (not inhaled) steroid might help, I say try it!Good luck,

Sarah Schmudde

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Btw, I am in that states so our drugs are named differently.Schmudde

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I’m so pleased to hear you are getting some iv antibiotics. I’m sure you will feel better once they start to kick in. When I was really bad in the past I’ve slept sitting up in an armchair. . As Littlepom says clearance, especially before bedtime, is vital.

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Lapis5 in reply to Mooka


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Mooka in reply to Lapis5

At Last! Currently I inject myself at home with pre-filled syringes. The first 6 months they were done in hospital via a drip. Good luck I hope you get some relief very soon.

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Are you allowed to take antihistamine whilst on antibiotics? They would at least help to dry you up. Its horrid what you are going through I hope you feel better soon x

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Yr having rough time of doing dedicated sessions of lung clearance?it's v hard when ill + drowning in it.i alter my dose of carbocysteine depending on consistency etc. At least doing lung clearance will help with infection,& get it out from low down.U have my sympathy xxxx

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Wishing you well and hopefully the IV's will do the job. Interested in how you are coping and that you'll come back and bring us up to date with the constant draining. Regards 🐿😷x

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sorry to hear you are having the constant, annoying and frustrating accumulation of phlegm to get tid of. Par for the course I am afraid when having an exacerbation. So pleased you now have your port. It will save time and hassle with midlines. I’m so glad to have mine. I have been on IV Meropenem 3 times this year. It was sensitive within the lab and has been effective each time. Not so long ago it was ineffective and we used a different ab Azreonam. Now it is sensitive to Mero again.

Hope all goes well and you soon get the hang of it and see an improvement soon.


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eleanordigby in reply to cofdrop-UK

It’s weird, this antibiotic sensitivity. I’ve had bacteria show as sensitive to meropenem, & for it to be effective at first, but after 2weeks the damn pseudo has come back & I’ve had to go onto 10-14 days of a different one. Apparently this isn’t particularly uncommon! One of the registrars explained the microbiology to me (my fault for asking!) but I’m afraid I didn’t understand it. It’s good to know from you that mero can recover its potency, because as time goes on our options get fewer, with intolerances or allergies.

I imagine a port is very handy, once it’s in! Despite the hassle of looking after it. I only need IVs maybe twice a year, so I always have a PICC. I can’t tolerate cannulas, my veins are so poor (as I’m sure are yours!) The last one I had, when no one was available to do a PICC, lasted 12hours 🙄

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cofdrop-UK in reply to eleanordigby

yes it’s very weird isn’t it. Once sensitivity came back as so so and my fev’s didn’t budge (they normally go up by roughly 10%. It was our dear Charlie who informed me it could be ok some time in the future and so it was.

Unfortunately as I can’t tolerate Cipro or nebbed abs, even with complete compliance I am left with IVs, so options are a concern

Actually there’s not much looking after to do. Nurses flush it every 8 weeks or so when not in use. When in use the only difference is you use 3 Heparin instead of 1.

I hope Lapis gets on well and the Mero is effective.


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Thank u to everyone who responded.. Still waiting for home care to get set up and then trial w the drug and then will be on board. I am wondering if i should pay to have my carpet steam cleaned?? Pseudomonas is everywhere and lives in my carpet and shower sink water. Ihave 2 rooms left w carpet cant afford to tear it out and put laminate bu want to. tried using a steam mop for kitch and bath floors but it broke after only 3 os and can;t get a refund or exchange. use bottled water for most cooking. Any ideas? After i clear my lungs i have mucas all night long tho sleep w head elevated, /Will it ever stop??

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