40th Birthday party


I went to my nieces 40th birthday Saturday night she had a party with Karaoke. It was packed which as you know doesn't help our breathing, but it was a good night and I sat there watching everyone. The drinks kept coming so I kept drinking I didn't realise how much until I stood up, well I haven't been that drunk in years. I did suffer the next day my husband had to ply me with tea and Paracetamol. It did take my mind off my breathing though, win win I would say.

Hope everyone is well

Kim xx

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  • Oh to be 40 again. Memories of this time in my life have blurred somewhat and as for Karaoke, perish the thought Haven't got the breath for it.

    I know all about celebrating. I have vague memories, being just a little oiled, and going to work at 7.30pm. How did I do it!!!?? But I think it good to have a night out. X

  • So pleased you enjoyed your night out Kim. Bet the hangover was awful!! Take care xx

  • Sounds like the hangover was worth it! 😄

    Tee xx

  • Nice bit of diversion therapy, Kim! Take care. Sue x

  • Good on you. A lot of what you fancy sometimes does you the power of good! x

  • Ok, well that is one way of distracting yourself from breathing I suppose. :)

    Hope you are doing ok now though. Take care. xxxxxx

  • Hope you ok now one to many :) :)

  • Good for you we all need to get plastered sometimes . Allen

  • Sounds good to me Kim, anything that makes you happy can't be bad. Seems you have a caring husband too, so what more could you want :-)

  • I have, he's the best husband in the world.

    Kim xx

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