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Azithromycin Party

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I have started prophylactic Azithromycin 250mg 3x7 . What a party....can't stop dancing toward the loo. To add to my joy, I have started CoAmoxiclav for a separate ailment. I am frightened to go out for fear of leaking .

I know others here are using Azithromycin and wonder if you have similar reactions and any advice. I am going to let the prescription run (pun intended) its course and see if my tolerance increases. If there is no change in a couple of weeks I will see my GP.

I feel tired and lethargic and experiencing pain from my other ailment. But its better than many illnesses I have had, and I feel guilty for complaining. Thankfully, the supermarket shelves had Loo paper unlike the covid hysteria of 2020 ;)

63 Replies
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Oh dear! Make sure you keep hydrated.

I can't answer your question but would suggest you don't leave it long before you check in with the pharmacist or GP as some antibiotics can cause inflammation of the intestine. I'm not sure about Azithromycin but am pretty sure that Co-Amoxiclav is one of the offenders as my husband was told to stop it immediately when it caused him diarrhoea after taking just two tablets. It's now noted on his medical records that he must not have it.

I was going to end with a Bruce Forsythe 'Keeep dancing!' but I'm not that cruel. 🤣

Hope you soon get sorted out.

xx Moy

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JJ_7 in reply to MoyB

HAHAHA! Good advice. I am looking forward to a Brucie Bonus ;)

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Hi there JJ, I’m currently unfortunately going through exactly the same issue!

It’s awful isn’t it!! I feel really weak and drained from it and don’t know how long I can carry on like this.

BUT I can recommend (if your not already taking them!?) Holland and Barrett’s probiotics and ‘ORS’ hydration tablets also available at Holland & Barrett’s 😊

CandiR profile image

And these!……..

Hydration tablets
JJ_7 profile image

Thanks for this post. Haven't seen these tablets so I will definitely have a look when I finally feel comfortable to go out. I have Diaralyte and taking a couple of satchets a day and I hope it helps. Thank you for the photos to easily identify at H&B. I hope you feel better soon xxx

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CandiR in reply to JJ_7

Very welcome, forgive me if you know all this (but just in case you don’t)…it’s essential that you take a quality probiotic a good few hours after taking any antibiotic, will definitely help the ‘toilet troubles’ and will protect your gut from the harsh antibiotics stripping away all the good bacteria (as well as the bad)

Hope you get it sorted soon, I know how tiring it all is 😊😊

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JJ_7 in reply to CandiR

Thank you for this. I will see how I am today and may venture forth to shops :)

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Only take Azith 250mgs on 3 days per week November to April. I think I had a similar problem at the beginning so always take it with food & never on an empty stomach . Its fine now. Good luck. P

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JJ_7 in reply to peege

Thanks Peege :)

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Hi I started azithromycin 500mg 3 days a week few months ago, gave me terrible upset stomach at first now better. just get a bit of pain now. I have to have regular liver function test also.

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JJ_7 in reply to lejaya

Thanks lejaya.

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Had same problem if I took it in the morning on waking. Then I took it at night and was ok. The instructions say to take I hour before food or 2hours after. This is what I do now. I take all my other medication ,inhalers etc when I first Wake. Then have my breakfast and at least 1hour later take the Azithromycin , problem solved . It shouldn't be taken with food or on a full stomach. Hope you sort it .xxSheila 💕

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JJ_7 in reply to garshe

The patient info leaflet says can be taken with food or without. I guess its a matter of finding which works best for you. Ill try both and see what happens. Thanks Garshe

garshe profile image
garshe in reply to JJ_7

This is my instructions, now no problems. Good luck. XxSheila 👍💕

Azithromycin instructions.
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JJ_7 in reply to garshe

Here is the patient leaflet instructions. So much for cosistency between professionals. I think I will try with empty stomach and see how it goes. Thanks Sheila x

Azithromycin patient leaflet
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Please remember to always take a probiotic prior to your antibiotic to help the good flora in your gut that antibiotics destroy.

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JJ_7 in reply to slram

Yes....I will need to buy some.

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peege in reply to JJ_7

Yes I forgot to mention that, I start probiotic a couple of weeks before I begin the prophylactic winter Azith - perhaps thats why I'm not troubled by 'it' anymore 🤣

I get my vits & supplements from Healthspan, nicelboxed & through the letter box. I take 20billion of mixed. P

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to peege

Is this the one you use peege?

peege profile image
peege in reply to JJ_7

Yes! I find their's always well sourced and decent quality. I used to take the Pro10 for the rest of the year but don't bother now.

I also have some live plain yogurt daily. I too have had very few infections since taking prophylactic Azith - hooray!

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to peege

Thats very encouraging. Thanks :)

Lfcpremier profile image

Hi. Took it daily for 3weeks initially. It caused stomch/liver pain. Reduced it to 3x weekly in addition to acidophilus probiotic. 11 years later... Still going!! 😊Good luck!Ps.Holland & Barrett available online & will deliver.

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Lfcpremier

Thanks. I will have a look on line.

AngieB72 profile image

I’ve been on prophylactic antibiotics for about 4 or 5 years now. Same problem - not all the time may be one or two days a month. I plan not to do stuff outside of the house the day after taking one. This is easy for me but may not be for everyone. I do take probiotics. I talked to my consultant and he said it was normal. One of my other meds can cause constipation so I see them as balancing each other out!!!!!! At least my system gets a good clear out regularly!!!! On the plus side in those 4/5 years I have only had 2 chest infections whereas before I was getting one every 3 months. Keep going and hopefully you’ll settle down a bit.

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JJ_7 in reply to AngieB72

I hope it is worth the discomfort. I have been admitted to hospital every year for past 5 years with pneumonia.

peege profile image
peege in reply to JJ_7

Have you had the pneumonia jab?

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to peege

Yes I have had it. Thanks

B0xermad profile image

Hi yes unfortunately I have been going through the same situation, having been on azithromycin for 8yrs now it took some time to get used to the drug I am on 500mg now and on Monday Wednesday and Friday stay close to the loo. although it's has a pattern for me. 6hours after taking it I get stomach cramps and it gives me a warning for getting to the loo in good time and hopefully you will be able to tolerate it .

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to B0xermad

Thanks for reply :)

LissacFrance profile image

Please note I am not an expert. My wife takes Azithro, and has done for over 4 years but only 3x per week. so, surprsed at you taking it 3x per day, 7 days per week. I would check the prescription to make sure it is not 3x/7 days. I.e. 3x per week. Good luck, Chris.

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to LissacFrance

I think the nomenclature in France may differ slightly. In UK, 3/7 means 3x per week. 3/24 means 3 times a day .Thanks for reply.

PaulineHM profile image

Hi JJ_7

I have been taking Azithromycin now on alternate days for 5 years. It hasn’t bothered me at all so guess it is probably the loading of the combination of AB’s perhaps which is causing your intestinal irritation.

Taking a probiotic eg Kefir, Natural yogurt or Acidophilus at the same time could be helpful, have you tried any of these ?

Hope things resolve soon for you.


Injecter1 profile image

hi there…. I take azithromycin daily and haven’t had an issue. However I also take pirfenidone and one of the main side effects is diarrhoea. Hospital suggested I take Loperamide (Imodium) which you can buy over the counter and it really helps. Good Luck!!

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Injecter1

I have been told not to take Imodium due to my other complications. Thanks for your helpful reply.

Batman1313 profile image

I was on it for ages with no issues but recently been having your problem.

Digger0 profile image

Azithromycin never caused me any problems, perhaps it's the other one? Good luck 😀

Morrison10 profile image

Very interesting. Because born with PCD have taken antibiotics many years, including 14day 3 Azithromycin daily. Now on one 250 daily. Not had any bowel or stomach problems but suppose PCD. I’ve been on this course since 30 September and happily not needed any other antibiotics, fingers crossed can continue, it’s keeping away or controlling nasties that have been partying in my lungs for long time. Good luck. Jean

Ps. Have taken 1 lansoprazol daily because of other medication

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Morrison10

I hope this works well for you Jean. I also take Omeprazole , a PPI that does similar to Lansoprazol.

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to JJ_7

first my GP gave me Omeprazole, that gave me the trotts, big style!!

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Morrison10

Oh Dear. Hope current Rx helps. x

Dottie11 profile image

A bit off topic. I am not finding Azithromycin is working very well. Does this suit everyone ? Has anyone been given Doxycycline as a prophylactic ?

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Dottie11

I am sorry to hear it is not working well. I am sure you know that antibiotics have varying effectiveness with different people. It might be that your GP will try something else if you request it. Doxycycline is used for many ailments so perhaps search on the internet and then see your GP with your questions. Thanks for posting.

peege profile image
peege in reply to Dottie11

Know at least one member who cannot tolerate Azith and takes Doxy as a prophylactic instead. P

Mooka profile image

I was always told to stop taking my prophylactic abx when taking another abx. Co-amiclav is always my weapon of choice but I did have the same problems as you when I first started on immunoglobulin replacement therapy. I changed to cipro and was much better. Maybe worth a chat with your doc or pharmacist. It’s very draining when your always on the loo.

Lol1944 profile image
Lol1944 in reply to Mooka

Always had a stock of co amoxiclav in my meds drawer but my supplier now says production stopped. Not happy.

Mooka profile image
Mooka in reply to Lol1944

😱. Nooooo that’s my rescue antibiotic.

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Mooka

Its my rescue abx too. I just received a box on Tuesday.

Lol1944 profile image
Lol1944 in reply to JJ_7

Thanks for the info. Understood it had changed name to Curam Duo and still currently unobtainable. Will now chase for it

JJ_7 profile image

I was advised to continue with both abx. And yes I is very draining. Thanks for reply.

Patk1 profile image

I've had problems when taking 2 antibiotics together so now I stop azithromycin whn on another a/b

leo60 profile image

I have been taking Azith 3x a week for about 3 years now. I never put two and two together! Now I think about it ................ God I'm useless at listening to my body!! Tell you a funny story: I was driving my son back to his place and was in the middle of town when I got THAT feeling. I drove m car AT the nearest pub and ran through to the loos. I made it and they were empty. Great, I thought, got away with that one ;) That was until I exited the loos to a sea of faces 😂 Not only that, everyone was dressed in black, I had just run through a wake just as they were doing speeches!! I apologised as best I could and left quickly!!

Now I can look out for a pattern to the problem and hopefully never go through that again! So, thank you JJ_7 and I hope you feel better soon xx

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to leo60

Hi Leo...that is a great story. I have dashed to numerous pubs and always feel embarassed. Never a wake though 😂

KitKat1954 profile image

Hi JJ, While on vacation in Florida earlier this year I was hospitalized and was given vancomycin intravenously and another strong antibiotic upon discharge. The doctor also prescribed Saccharomyces Boulardii, a probiotic which is sold over the counter. This is known to prevent or treat diarrhea. I now keep this probiotic on hand to take with any antibiotic I am on.

Maximonkey profile image

Hi JJ, I have been taking Azithromycin for 11 years now and must say I have never had a problem with running to the loo, are you sure it is not an infection or some other meds you have just started taking. When I began taking Azithromycin, I experienced stomach problems for weeks but gradually my body got used to them and I have to say they are wonderful meds, they keep me free from infection. My miracle workers. I hope this helps and that you get some benefit from Azith like I and many others do. Take care, Maximonkey

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Maximonkey

Thanks for your excellent review of Azithromycin. I will continue with it to see how I tolerate it. Anything is better than a yearly admission to hospital. Take care. JJ

Trevorio profile image

hi JJ, my chest consultant wanted me to try Azithromycin as a prophylactic dose too. I cannot generally tolerate antibiotics but I was willing to give it a go, took antihistamines to lessen my body’s reactions but it was horrid, stomach cramps and diarrhoea, then it affected my muscles and my hearing. Had to stop , but I hope it might work for you. I now have a nebuliser and steroids on standby.

JJ_7 profile image

Oh no poor you!!! My muscles and Hearing are OK. I do hope your doctor finds something to help without the side effects. Thanks for post. Get better soon x

helenlw7 profile image

I’ve been taking 500mg of Azithromycin for about 6 years. I take it when I get up and then have my breakfast about an hour later. I also take Lansoprazole. I’ve never had ant issue with my stomach.

JJ_7 profile image

That's great !! Best wishes


Jaybird19 profile image

you have all my sympathy but I have the opposite problem after my emergency op over 2 months ago I still have to take a laxative

.at least you have plenty of advice.

Have since found out my strangulated hernia was possibly caused by constipation....... or coughing.

JJ_7 profile image

Oh no.... poor you Jaybird. I received excellent advice and have progressed a few suggestions. It has helped :) I would find it so difficult to offer advice on your ailment. However, I am wishing you a full recovery and thank you for posting. xxx

Fiddlededee profile image

I started azythromycin 4 weeks ago after monthly infections for the last couple of years. I had the same problem. I took it before food and the cramps and running to the loo was awful. I then tried two hours after food which was exactly the same. I now take it with food and I’m fine although I haven’t discussed this with my GP. I feel another infection looming so maybe it’s effectiveness with food isn’t so good. Trial and error!!

JJ_7 profile image
JJ_7 in reply to Fiddlededee

Hi Fiddlededee. Yes...trial and error . There are some excellent suggestions in the above thread that have helped me. I hope your infections come under control and your tummy problems settle soon . Thanks for your post x

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