my little boy bandit

my little boy bandit

finally I can post all four legs, thanks to a friend and her little new addition. Not the best picture but he is not the most co-operative at staying still for a pose even for a bribe he's not stupid!!!!!! He wears the pants in the family most of the time or thinks he does LMAO. Doesnt he look sweet and innocent, a look to melt butter but just think how he got his name. He stole everything when he was little, 1 sock, 1 slipper, you put ANYTHING in his reach it was gone like the house ate it, panties, bras, toothbrush, convertor, toilet paper, then months later it would return in a pile all intact meanwhile you thought you lost your mind searching or thinking the washer ate it or the dryer ate my sock. NO NO BANDIT strikes again. My precious 5 yr old problem child :) JUST LOVE HIM

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  • He is adorable. So intelligent and interested in what you're up to. 😊🌷

  • Bandit is super cute!😁😍 my Scoobydoo ( Max ) and him could have fun together 😃💜💙 huff xxx

  • I wonder where he keeps his stash? Lovely Bo. X

  • Very cute...and those are ears to be proud of!

    Tee xx

  • Just love those ears Lol they certainly do rule the roost if one of ours is in hubbys chair he will sit on the poufee, he said first come and all that but I will beat him to it next time, he said to me would you like to be woken up when you are sleeping, I just pick them up and put in their own baskets they have one each in the kitchen,Lounge and bedroom, spoilt just a little Lol Love his name.

  • what a sweetie thank you xx

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